Ready to Create your First Real Estate Guest Post? Here’s What to Know


Real estate guest posting is a great way to attract more eyes to your blog, both via SEO and the audience of the blog you’re guest blogging for. So, don’t put it off any longer. If you’re not sure how to get started, this article will provide a brief guide to help you write a killer property related first guest post.

Start with a strategy
It can be tough to guest post if you have your own blog and a tight schedule, so it helps to have a content strategy. There are two primary ways you can go:

1.     Lightning speed

Dedicate an entire weekend, or every evening in a month, to writing guest posts and announce in your social networks that you’re open to guest posting. You can write more posts in a shorter time frame this way.

2.     Slow and steady

Choose a blog or two to guest post for once or twice a month. Results may take longer to show, but you may produce better quality posts.

What to write
Before you can begin writing a guest post, you’ll need a topic to work with. One mistake many people make is they usually write what they’re passionate about. What you should be doing instead is writing something FOR the blog you’re guest posting for and its audience.

Instead of researching your topics the way you normally would for your own blog, look at the 10 best performing posts on the blog you’ll be writing for and look out for patterns. Focus on:

·       The topics

·       The word count

·       The style of the intro

·       The style of the headline

Once you pay close enough attention to these, you should have a few topics that would fit right in. Also, bear in mind that it’s always a welcome idea to include internal links in guest posts. No matter what guest posting strategy you choose, be sure to deliver your best quality work.

Finding Freelancers

Some of the best ways to get well-written articles that website visitors will want to read are by using freelance writers, but how to track down the ones that can really engage an audience can be tricky. Freelance platforms such as FiveQuidExpert, Upwork and can provide an effective low-cost solution.

One last tip: Return to respond to comments. It could do wonders for your own blog traffic.

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