Hot Property – 4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Used by the Pros



So, you’re looking to get into real estate marketing? Maybe you’d like to manage the sale or lease of your own house, or perhaps you’re looking for a career change. Reasoning aside, it’s important to know that there are some industry tricks used by the pros that can benefit you greatly if you use them, or knock you out of the market if you don’t. Everyone loves having the scoop on the competition, so read on to discover five methods used by those at the top of the industry:

Utilizing the Web

A strong online presence is good for anyone to have, but it can be particularly beneficial when selling a house. Many of your prospective clients are going to live in an area that would require them to travel an extensive distance to inspect a property. Because of this, digital marketing for real estate is quickly becoming an essential part of a realtor’s skill set.

A property summary and some recent photographs will suffice for a basic listing but if you really want to make your mark, consider including features such as virtual tours, interactive information about the area and social media promotion.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider enlisting the help of an agency as a powerful online marketing strategy can boost your campaign, and by extension, your sale price.

Style It Right

The professionals know that the buyer needs to be at the heart of every decision they make.

Their target buyer will have an impact on how they style the home for inspections, what features they highlight, and even their advertising methods. But how do you make sure your props aren’t a flop? Firstly, you’ll need to identify who you want to sell the house to – there’s no point having modern, minimalistic styling if your target buyer is looking for a traditional or antique feel. You also want to find ways to downplay set features (cupboards, appliances) that don’t fit with the aesthetic you’re trying to create and highlight those that do. Once you know your buyer, this will be a fairly easy task. Simply find out what’s most popular with their demographic and create the house of their dreams based off of it.

Use the Area

Sometimes the house itself isn’t as important as the location. By highlighting community assets near the property, you not only give buyers a better understanding of what their new home can offer them, but you can also tap into a different demographic should the want or need present itself. Remember that while you’re essentially selling the lifestyle more than the property in this instance, you should still draw attention to the house’s good points as well.

Build Your Brand

In real estate, you are the brand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going it alone or working with a company; it’s your face and number on that newly erected sign and your job to make the sale. Build rapport with peers and clients alike, craft a strong industry presence (online and offline), and make it known when you’ve done your job well. Likewise, own up to any mistakes you make – just be sure also to let people know how you’re going to fix it, what you’ve learned and why it won’t happen again.

These tips can be applied in almost any position you find yourself dealing with in the real estate industry. They’ve worked for the professionals, and now they’ll work for you too.

Consider how to put them into practice in your current situation and watch your career (and sale price) flourish.

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