Going Rural: What to look for in a London estate agent

Every year, more and more people flock to the capital city in search of a vibrant lifestyle and fantastic job prospects. But almost anyone that has spent years commuting on the crowded and stuffy underground has thought about swapping the big smoke for a slower pace of life. If you have decided to take this step and move to a moral rural location, here are some tips to help you find the right estate agent to sell your London property.

Ask for Recommendations

While you can read online reviews and accounts of personal experiences, ask for recommendations from those you trust the most. Plus, there are so many estate agencies in London that researching online can take up too much time. So if you have friends, family or neighbours that have moved recently, ask them about their estate agent experience.

Local Or National?

It can be tempting to list your property with a well known national estate agent, but it is often better to go with a local real estate agent in London, such as Morgan Randall. Because a local agency only focuses on one area, they may be able to offer you a more accurate valuation as well as specialised knowledge.

Check Property Types

If you are selling a luxurious three storey townhouse, you probably do not want to list your property with an agent who is renowned for their selection of apartments. It is essential to check the types of property that the estate agent sells to make sure they will have the right client base for your home.

Book a Test Drive

One of the best ways to see how an estate agency operates is by pretending to be a prospective buyer. Pop into their office and ask about properties in the local area, or arrange a viewing. Take note of the office atmosphere: are staff are friendly and professional? What level of service do they offer?

Qualifications, Associations and Experience

Before choosing your estate agent, it is advisable to check out their professional training credentials. Find out if the company belongs to an accredited ombudsman service, a trade association, or if staff have any professional estate agent qualifications.

Clarify Opening Hours

If you work long hours during the week, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with your estate agent. The same goes for potential buyers, who may only be able to house hunt during the weekend. Before you list, consider your schedule and find out when the agency operates.

Marketing Tools

How an agent markets your home can make or break a sale. Gone are the times when a for-sale sign and a newspaper advert were sufficient. So discuss if your property will appear on property portals as well as their website, to increase your chance of sale.

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