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£8,000. London burial land gives 40% income. Pay only £8,000. Investors get 40% discount. 40% profit paid within 18-24 months from London Burial spaces.

The shortage of burial space has become a critical concern in Greater London. With an ever-increasing population currently numbering over 12 million people, Greater London has long had a problem finding places burial sites, and is currently fast running out of remaining burial plots in all boroughs. The situation is now considered to be critical with many analysts forecasting that the Capital will run out space by 2021.
BBC NEWS - 15 May 2015: A recent audit of burial space by the Greater London Authority found eight boroughs were completely full, with no space for new burials. Another ten boroughs have a 'critical' problem, and are predicted to exhaust all available space by 2021.

We don't need to explain to you that when demand is high and ever increasing, and supplies of a commodity are dwindling fast, it pushes prices ever skywards. Since last couple of years prices of burial plots in Greater London have increased by 69%.

A very rare opportunity has now arisen to purchase burial plots in London`s Rainham cemetery, which is being extended to accommodate the high demand for burial plots within Greater London. We are acquiring them for £2,000 per plot with full legal title. An RICS surveyor has valued the plots at £2,800. Minimum investment Burial plots 4 plots @ £2000 = £8000 trade and returns back £11,200.
We anticipate having the site sold initially to investors soon, the first re-sales/burials will be in December when the site officially opens to the public. The investment operates on a first come first served basis, so our early investors are the first to exit starting in December 2019 as plots are re-sold to the end users by funeral companies and local councils. Early investors will see returns as soon as December 2019 as the site fills, and later investors will see their returns within 24 months maximum as this is when the contractual guaranteed buyback is in place (24 months after purchase).
All plots on purchase are registered with the UK Land Registry and come with a 99 year lease.

Cemetery opens for burials in December. The plots at £2,800 plus will be sold on a first-in, first-out basis so it`s possible we`ll get returns of 40% in a lot less than 2 years. Sale of the plots begins in earnest in September so the first investors could see returns of 40% before the end of next year.
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