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20 bed Property for sale

Luxury Villa Split into 6 Apartments For Sale in Istanbul

$3,625,349 | £2,607,831 | €3,000,000
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ForSale SqFt Area 8Baths 20Beds
Luxury Villa Split into 6 Apartments For Sale in Istanbul Turkey

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Büyükçekmece Kamiloba Mah.
Ayazma Cad.
Atakent Sokak No: 09
İstanbul 1058
ada 5 parsel,

Property Details

With its glorious natural scenery, excellent climate, welcoming culture and excellent standards of living, Turkey is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most desirable places across the world to live or visit. On offer here is a chance to make a smart financial investment in this magnificent part of the world. On offer is this stunning villa split into apartments the owner could keep one and rent the rest through or Airbnb. 4 different deeds can be bought by 4 different people or 2 deeds can be bought as 2 single flats by 2 people and 2 deeds can be bought by 2 people for 2 duplex flats.

The villa can be bought seperately as well.
-The ground floor on the left (2 rooms, spacious living room, dining room, WC, bathroom…): 350.000 Euro
-The second and the top floors (2 flats): 650.000 Euro (2 rooms in the second floor, 1 room on the top, 2 living rooms)

Fully reinforced concrete wall around garden,
Main garden gates
1. Remote-controlled central door, vehicle and personnel entrance,
2. Vehicle entrance door, iron door
3. Garden entrance gate

 Natural gas connection, fully underfloor heating
 Electrical connection, single-phase and three-phase,
 Telephone connection
 Internet fiber connection
 Sewer system connection
 Water connection city water
 Well water (clean at 125 m with a capacity of 3 tons/hour)
 Central water booster system, fed from the well
 60 m2 greenhouse, steel construction, modern greenhouse that can be covered
 Barbecue in the garden, in the camellia
 Camellia in the garden, sitting group, rooftop and barbecue with sink and water system, refrigerator, serviceable
 Garden approx 900 m2 covered with rolled grass, in very good condition
 Garden irrigation system,
 Garden walking paths
 More than 80 fruit trees of various breeds and ages
 Outdoor parking for 6 cars
 Indoor parking for 4 cars
 Swimming pool 40 m2 and pool surround platform
 Patio
 Suitable for gym, room, maid’s flat on the garden floor episode
 Full sea view
 Street lighting
 Neighboring villas in the vicinity
 Transportation, highway Kumburgaz toll booths 5 minutes, the seaside 5 minutes.
 Nearby Market, Migros, BİM etc. markets
 It is windy, cool and does not require air conditioning in summer
 Exterior walls are 25 cm heat insulated ytong, fill paint dalmatian series 5 cm real thermal insulation

Straddling the border between Europe and Western Asia, Istanbul acts as an ancient crossroads of cultures, religions, and civilizations.

Greek, Persian, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences can be seen across the city. The mesmerizing Hagia Sophia, for instance, stood for over 1,000 years as an ornate church before being converted into an Imperial Mosque, which it remained as for over half a millennia. And there’s Topkapi Palace, a lavish complex of halls, courtyards, and terraces with commanding views over the Bosphorus Strait. Today, both structures are religious museums attracting millions of visitors every year.

The Blue Mosque is another glinting example of Byzantine-Ottoman fused architecture, with its domes, towering minarets, and blue İznik tiles that adorn the interior. For a full view of the mosque’s design, enter through the crumbling remains of a Roman-era hippodrome in Sultanahmet Square.

Yet Istanbul’s oldest monuments could easily escape you. Deep beneath the ground are several hundred ancient cisterns, where water was once delivered via 20 kilometers of aqueducts from a local reservoir. The largest of these is the Basilica Cistern, which you can explore along raised wooden platforms.

Back on ground level, the Grand Bazaar will entice you with its maze-like network of craft stores and cosy teahouses. Go explore a little, before treating yourself to a Dürüm wrap on a street corner, or a mouthwatering meze in a bistro-style restaurant in Sultanahmet.


Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Its Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. In the Sultanahmet district, the open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome was for centuries the site of chariot races, and Egyptian obelisks also remain. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia features a soaring 6th-century dome and rare Christian mosaics.

İstanbul, the bustling metropolis of Türkiye, is a city full of charm, where the past goes hand in hand with the present and every step brings to light a relic of times gone by. At the crossroads of two continents – Europe and Asia – this spectacular city has absorbed the best of both worlds.With its beautiful historic landmarks, quintessential cuisine, vibrant nightlife, festivals of art and music, celebration of faith, labyrinths of marketplaces and shopping arcades, the beating heart of İstanbul, and the soul of Bosphorus under the watchful eye of the Maiden’s Tower is a traveller’s dream.


• 1500m2 of living space
• 1820m2 plot
• 20 Bedrooms
• 8 Bathrooms
• Stunning Views
• Private Parking
• Private Garden
• Private Pool
• Massive potential in the rental market Airbnb and
• Close to essential amenities like such as supermarkets and pharmacies
• Close to many excellent bars and restaurants
• Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Turkey
• Many excellent facilities, walking and sports areas nearby

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