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Land for Sale, Transylvania, Romania Euroresales Property iD - 9825957 Property Overview As this extraordinary 2020 comes to an end, one of the few positives to emerge from this year is that it has created a whole new world of possibilities for people with ambition and creativity. This plot of land in the beautiful village of Varsag is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a superb investment in the glorious Carpathian Mountains. Land Details Land for sale in Transylvania (Romania) in an area of stunning natural beauty. The land is located on the side of the Carpathian Mountains, the name of the village is Varsag. The land size is almost 40,000 m2 (38,646 m2). There is currently a skiing resort being built just 15 mins drive from the property and the hiking possibilities are endless with so much wildlife in the area. There are waterfalls to discover, bear watching, fishing, snowmobile tours, ATV tours and horse riding. This is a superb investment for anyone who enjoys adventure and the great outdoors but is equally suited for anyone who prefers to just sit back and take in the glorious surroundings. For a stunning visual representation of the area, check out the following link: About the area Vărșag is a commune in Harghita County, Romania. it lies in the Szekely Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania. it is composed of a single village, Vărșag. it is the biggest scattered settlement in the county, its area being 76.69 km2. The main dwellings from south to north are Kukullõ-telep, Bagzos, Nagykut, Solyomkõ, Kozpont, Forraskoze, Varsag-Tisztasa. The village lies on the 850-1050 m high Vărșag volcanic plateau at the feet of the Ghurghiu de Sud Mountain. The climatic conditions are temperate, with short and fresh summers and long and chilly winters. The most important river is the Tărnava Mare (Nagy-Kukullő) River which rise here. There are a great number of creeks in the area: Tartod, Kisag, Varsag, Nagykut, Boros, Koves, Szilidi. Sixty percent of it area is covered in forest with a great biological diversity. Local fauna includes rabbits, foxes, bears, wolves, lynxes and a lot of species of birds. During the summer, raspberries, bilberries, blackberries, wild strawberries and several species of mushrooms can be picked. Trout are common in the brooks. The main economic activity is forestry and wood processing, agriculture, stone-cutting and in recent times ecotourism Transylvania's forested valleys and Gothic castles are forever embedded in the popular imagination. Even before arriving, most visitors can picture this land of fairy-tales, where fog drapes like cobwebs over the Carpathian Mountains. Explore these stirring landscapes on hikes through Piatra Craiului National Park, or the Bucegi (and tougher Apuseni) Mountains; or see them frozen over at winter sports centres Poiana Braşov and Predeal. Next, indulge your medieval fantasies among the watchtowers and cobbled lanes of Braşov and Sighişoara or venture to Transylvania's castles: world-famous Bran, ornate Peleş, and Hunedoara's Gothic apparition. Deeper in the countryside, rural Transylvania's tapestry of cultures awaits: vibrant, secretive Roma communities, Szekely Land hamlets where only Hungarian is spoken, and Saxon villages with crumbling citadels. Here, standstill traffic means horses and carts waiting patiently for herds of goats to scatter. And yes, Transylvania will satisfy vampire tourists - and enthral all with its jumble of edgy cities and villages that time forgot. Google Map Coordinates of the land:,+Romania/@46.5433481,25.3396365,770m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x474ae256a3c2f167:0x9715940636de6deb!8m2!3d46.5090719!4d25.3728074 Contact Euro Resales Ltd to book an inspection
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