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We sell forest 1950 ha in the Southern part of the country

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Forest in the southern part of the country - 1950 ha.The entire area has property documents at CF. The surface of 1950 ha (in four groups of 1 to 10 km) is owned by three groups of landowners, as follows: -1620 ha have several co-owners, -180 ha has two co-owners,150 ha has an owner. 

The forest comes from a boyar property and is managed by state and private forestry structures. The wood on the entire surface is estimated at 330753 m3, with 170 m3 / ha, but includes areas between 1-40 years with a very small volume per hectare. Of the total volume, the quercinas are: oak, sessile oak, garnita and cer, which represent a volume of 302,474 m3, 91.5%, the rest of the species being hornbeam, acacia, beech, and other different species The quercinas are divided as follows: - oak: 107,000 of cubic meters. - 12,000 cubic meters of oak - garnished: 71,000 cubic meters. - Quercus cerris (sky) 112,000 cubic meters. The predominant age classes are 60-80 years old, with a volume of 254,737 cubic meters, with a weight of 77% of the total wood, the hygiene cuts being predominant. The forest has a very good quality wood, being a very good long-term investment. The annual capacity is estimated at 4500 m3 / year of about 1500 m3 of main products for quality timber and wood. Forest roads are property and practicable.

There are no enclaves or disputes. There are no protected areas or nature 2000. All three properties have their own facilities that expire in 2025.

The informative price starts the negotiations from 2900 euro / ha. This forest is one of the largest sales areas at the moment in Romania

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