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Facts About Oituz

Oituz (formerly Groze?ti; Hungarian: Gorzafalva or Ojtoz) is a commune in Bac?u County, Romania. It is composed of six villages: C?lcâi (Zöldlonka), Ferestr?u-Oituz (F?részfalva), Hârja (Herzsa), Marginea, Oituz and Poiana S?rat? (Sósmez?).
Oituz was the site of two battles during the First World War: the First and Second Battle of Oituz.
According to Iorgu Iordan, the commune's name is of Turkic origin; otuz or oltuz means "thirty" in Turkish.
Poiana S?rat? village is part of Transylvania; in Austria-Hungary, it belonged to Háromszék County, and was then in Trei Scaune County until 1950.