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Hello, I hope this listing finds you well, in good health and spirit!


A little bit of information that you can research on your own, Romania and Bucharest specifically has been shifting efforts in the last years and continuing to do so towards creating one of the most powerful and central IT hubs in Europe. 

The newly elected Mayor of the city has built his campaign on the premise and promise of less constructions within the center of the city, while improving the green side and expanding it.

Bucharest has been chosen as the host of Europe's new Cyber Security Headquarters


With all of the above kept in mind and with the already mass pressence of major international corporations having major operation bases in here, prices are set to only go up in the future, while the buying power will increase, the supply will shorten.


Below you can find more information in regards to the building itself and the apartments we have up for sale!


The project was finalized in 2010, been uninhabited ever since and went undergoing rennovations in the late months of 2020 and up to date.

Apartments are being sold in perfect condition and fully renovated.

It resides in a ultra central zone within Bucharest, for map showings: Bucharest, Strada. Mihail Moxa nr. 16-18.

The zone is excellent and makes it easy to access anything as the city has underground subway facilities. You can find cultural hubs near, parks, museums, shops, gambling places, clubs, restaurants, etc.


Building details:

Land surface equals to 452.27 m2
Constructed surface consists of 2,465.34 m2

The building is made up of the following levels:

A) -1 & -2 consisting of 23 underground parking spots, with an automatic car elevator;
B) 0 (Ground level) consisting of 3 Commercial spaces;
C) Floor 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 with apartments only;



- 21 apartments with 2 rooms (4 sold already);

- 1 apartment with 4 rooms;

- 1 apartment with 3 rooms;

- 3 commercial spaces;

- 23 underground parking spots, accessed by using a car elevator;

- 4 outside parking spots;



2 room apartments:

- prices start at €144,716 and go up to €214,170;

- Smallest apartment has 47.03 m2 usable area and they range from there up to 60.43 m2;


3 room apartment:

62.74 m2 usable area, 101.45 m2 total constructed area, pricing = €219,840


4 room apartment:

104.63 m2 usable area, 193.92 m2 total constructed area, pricing = €383,190


3 commercial spaces:

- Space 1 > 93.53 m2 useable area, 83.44 m2 total constructed area. Pricing: €327,355

- Space 2 > 60.99 m2 useable area, 74.35 m2 total constructed area. Pricing: €260,225

- Space 3 > 67.56 m2 useable area, 84.85 m2 total constructed area. Pricing: €296,975


Parking spots:

Pricing starts at €15,000 and ends at €30,000



- Internet (up to 1GBPS connnections, about €10/monthly sub), tv cable, etc.;

- Conditioned air;

- Heating system: central heating boilers

- Electricity;

- Water;

- Building freshly rennnovated inside out;

- Fully furnished;


For more information or apartment sketches, let us know!

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