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Facts About Northland

Northland may refer to:
Northland (New Zealand electorate), northern New Zealand
Northland, Wellington, New Zealand
Northland Peninsula, northern New Zealand
Northland Region, northern New Zealand
Northland, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, USA
Northland Pyrite Mine, Canada
"The Northland", those parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area north of the Missouri River (i.e., Clay and Platte counties)
"Northland", a region in northeast Columbus, Ohio, USA
Northlands, an organization in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Shopping centers:
Northland Center, in Southfield, Michigan
Northland Mall, a demolished shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio
Northland Shopping Centre, in Melbourne, Australia
Northland International University, formerly Northland Baptist Bible College, in Dunbar, Wisconsin
Northland Christian School, a high school in Houston, Texas
Northland College (Wisconsin), in Ashland, Wisconsin
Northland Community and Technical College, in East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Northland High School (Columbus, Ohio)
Northland Pioneer College, in Holbrook, Arizona
Northland Primary School, in Singapore
USCGC Northland (WPG-49), a cutter in service from 1927–1946
USCGC Northland (WMEC-904), a cutter in service since 1984
Other uses:
Northland (computer game), published by Freeverse Software
Northland (film), directed by Ernest Borneman
Northland (Shannara), a fictional location in the Shannara novel series by Terry Brooks
Northland Organic Foods Corporation, headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Northland Resources, a mining business
Northland Rugby Union, New Zealand