Kyrgyzstan real estate listings Often called the Switzerland of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is renowned for its magnificent natural beauty. The country is a favourite among foreigners drawn by the country’s mountain pastures called jailoos and stark ragged ridges. Summers in Kyrgyzstan are pleasant, with many visitors making a stop at the beaches of Lake Issyk- Köl which never freezes. features many listings from Kyrgyzstan which international buyers are sure to love, whether they are looking to move to the country permanently or buy a holiday home. Foreign buyers can hardly resist the richness Mother Nature has to offer in Kyrgyzstan and are inspired enough to want to own a permanent home they can spend holidays in when they’re in the country for summer. On, foreigners heading to the country for permanent residence or with the intention to keep coming and going can connect with a fine selection of real estate agents, individuals, and ...


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