Luxury Home - Onyx Villa - near Budapest

11 bed Residential Property for sale Telki - Hungary

$4,050,517 | £2,911,667 | €3,300,000

ForSale 1050 sqftArea 7Baths 11Beds
…. COULD MAKE A WISH LIST ABOUT THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS, WHAT WOULD BE LISTED IN IT?A home, where your nights are restful and your mornings are refreshing, so you could start your day as energetic and quick to act as you can be? A home, where the luxurious things you’ve worked hard for are within easy reach and can enjoy the result of your intensive work whenever you are at home? A home, where as soon as you arrive you can get rid off the daily problems and lump down on your favourite, comfortable couch and can calmly think through the events of the day?

The net 1.000 m2 building lies on a 4.000 m2 site in the recently built and smooth part of Telki with a luxury environment and consistent Panorama to the Wine-Hill.


For Luxury and presentation:
Wellness, steam- and infrasauna, full comfort and luxury by a single keypress... The configuration of the house makes possible to organize gatherings for friends – or companies -, where we can invite a lot of guest without feeling lack of space. In this property we can easily show anyone how living is worthy for a high quality man with high demand level. We can do this with the most elegant and gentle style possible.The mood, colours, functions, the applied materials and the furniture of the house are represented with perfect, first class brands which simply charm anyone.

For Investment:
The most modern buildings – the same as luxury cars – are fully equipped with integrated automatic systems. Those provide solutions for the supervision, control and operation of the entire electric and mechanic systems of the buildings. When planning Onyx Villa the focus was on the joint application of easy manageability, displays, swtich-timers, thermostats and inscription-fields. These together serve Your convenience, as well as can fulfill higher and higher comfort-expectations to come. The control-mechanism provides you the possibility to harmonize Your personal demands and the light-plays of the nature. Both the exterior and the interior lighting can be controlled from your living-room, wall-touchscreen or telephone. By single touch you can let down the shadings and control the ceiling-lighting. You can easily monitor on your touch-screen or iPad device the energy-use of your house.

For family nest:
Safety, intimacy, convenience for the joint pastime... The location and the configuration of the property gives all the intimacy and safety we need for a family nest so that we can spend our days undisturbed and happy.
Dining Room
Double Garage
Fitted Kitchen
Fitted Wardrobes
Granny Flat
Hot Tub
Landscaped Gardens
Outside Space
Staff Quarters
Summer House
Wine Cellar