3 beds Villa Livadia, PELOPONNESE                                    

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Villa Eliza is a majestic property located in the village of Kakoremma, up the mountain above the sea village of Chrani on the Mes...

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Facts About Livadia

Livadia can refer to:

Livadiya, Crimea (??????? or ???????), a suburb of Yalta, Crimea
Livadia Palace, Livadia, Crimea
Livadiya, Primorsky Krai, a suburb of Nakhodka, Russia, near Mount Livadiyskaya
Livadeia (????????), a city in Boeotia, Greece
Livadia, Kilkis (???????), a community in Kilkis regional unit, Greece
Livadia, Rethymno (???????), a community in Rethymno regional unit, Greece
Livadia, Andros, a village on the island of Andros
Livadia, Tilos, a settlement on the island of Tilos
Livadia, Astypalaia, a settlement on the island of Astypalaia
Livadia, Paros, a settlement on the island of Paros
Livadia, a village in Baru Commune, Hunedoara County, Romania
Livadia, a village in the town of B?ile Ol?ne?ti, Vâlcea County, Romania
Livadia, Famagusta, a village in Cyprus
Livadia, Larnaca, a village in Cyprus
Livadia, Nicosia, a village in Cyprus
Livadia (yacht, 1880) (1880-1917/1926) Russian yacht
Mount Livadiyskaya and Livadia Range in Russian Far Eastern Sikhote-Alin mountains