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25 bed Property for sale

Santorini Greek island a complex of 18 luxury villas

$3,867,039 | £2,781,686 | €3,200,000
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ForSale 0 SqFt Area 22Baths 25Beds
FOR SALE complex of 18 luxury homes on a plot 10.700m2 approximately located in OIA, SANTORINI, Greece with each house to consists of:

1) 12 houses of 80m2 each with 57m2 terraces each and one parking space.

2) 4 houses of 100m2 each with terraces 108m2 each and 2 parking spaces,
3) Two houses of 100m2 each with terraces 48m2 each and 2 parking spaces.

All houses have the ability to use the communal pool including children’s pool and Jacuzzi with 12 seats total area of 410m2 (one of the largest at the island)

Santorini is more than a beautiful place for vacation.
It is also an attractive place for running tourist business or investing in the real estate
The island has a big tourist sector that continues to grow yearly, as Santorini is established to be one of the most popular destinations of the world, as all of the most popular magazines and tourist TV channels, all over the world, give the 1st place to Santorini.(Conde Nast, CNN, Vogue, etc.) ,after people voting.
Every year hundreds couples coming on the island to be marry or to celebrate a special life event.
Santorini is the most popular destination port for all the Cruises Companies at Mediterranean Sea, as almost 2 Millions people visit it and they are coming at the future for vacation.
The island’s economic stability is enhanced by its strong performance in tourism as it is in the property market. Along with the economic reasons for investing in Santorini, is the island’s sunny climate according to the fact that touristic business run yearly, 12 months a year.

A positive factor for the new investors is that prices to buy or rent houses or business on the island are much lower, up to 40% in some cases, as a result of the economic recession that affected the country.
According to that, and as far as opening new business, Greek lows have been recently reformed to become much easier and quick for the investors. To open a store or generally run business on the island you just need a typical licence from the municipality, that will take you not more than 10 days. Another advantage to invest on the island is the cut - rate tax (16%) -paid through the internet every 3 months- unlike to the rest of the country where is 23%.

On the island you can find properties of all kinds which will cover your needs and standards and there are a lot of social investments for the local community, that makes easier a real investor. (Hospital, yacht marinas, second cable car).
Santorini has good reasons to be in a very good place on foreign investor list as a beautiful place to live, work or retire.

Many Greek expatriates and people from all nationalities decided to come the last years to the island to work or to invest in tourism business according to buying or renovating a house or a hotel. On the island live many Americans and Europeans with their families, working in tourism business, as owners or employees, putting in place their new ideas in the traditional touristic market. This interaction of cultures and ideas is one of the islands strengths in tourism.

Santorini's property market has plenty of success because of the glamour of the island -Santorini has been declared to be the most beautiful island of the world- according to it's affordable prices in it’s real estate the last years.

The island's property market was rapidly developed the last years to cover the needs of the Greeks as well as the Europeans and Asians, looking for a place to buy their second vacation home. Nowadays, many people from all over the world, as well as celebrities, show - business stars and politicians have their second vacation homes on the island or have vacations, prefer to stay at 5* star hotels or villas.
For that reasons, International Hotel Chains, like Starwood ,Marriot, Intercontinental etc, start to invest and cooperate with hotels on the island.

For investors.

Greece as a part of the European Union has more or less the same restrictions and laws as the E.U. in order to enable and make easy to foreigners to buy land in areas that lie along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

The Caldera cliff houses as well as Oia and the beach areas of Kamari and Perisa are very popular resorts for foreigners investors.
Santorini is one of the most environmentally clean places in Europe, surrounded by crystal clear seas, long and sandy beaches, and the spectacular view of the Caldera, the only one that big in the world with the most famous Sunset all over the world and
the archeological city of Akrotiri,the Ancient Thira and much more attractive places, for all the visitors of the island.
With our new hospital, Santorini selected by the Minister of Tourism and GNTO, as one of the most interesting area, for Medical Tourism.
The new road from Airport to Oia, will help a lot the traffic on the island, as every day about 35000 cars ,motorbikes and tourist busses, use the old road which is not enough in our days ,that means that all the virgin North side of the island will offers opportunities to investors.
I believe, that a second port, a second cable car and an organized Yacht Marina, is what the island needs and with the government, wants to attractive Big Investors, by Fast Track, Santorini is ideal island to invest, without any big risk.

Therefore, property on Santorini, whatever you decide to have, a hotel, a villa with a pool, an apartment, a flat, a house, the island's property currently represents fantastic value for money.
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