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ENGLISH DESCRIPTION PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR THE GERMAN   Address: Baden-BadenProperty type: HotelYear of construction: 1967...

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ENGLISH DISCRIBE hier  FOR THE GERMAN VERSION PLEAS SCROLL DOWN Property type: HotelRentable area approx: 1,770 m²Land ...

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ENGLISH  DESCREPTION / For the German DESCREPTION pleas scroll down    Property: BoardinghouseLiving area: 1,293....

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Massive corner apartment block and office space Vogtland Germany      

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More details and photos on request. In town 12 apartmentsOne owners apartmentOne large loft suitable for apartment spaceOne large...

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„Stay together – live together – Schesslitz“                  

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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to plan for the demographic changes in our society in a manner that is both ...

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