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Palace Home - Mockern Germany

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Ex-Royal Manor – 1 hour from Berlin + ready income

In remarkable condition, comes the noble residence of Hobeck. Now known as August-Bebel-Straße 20, Möckern, Germany.

Location wise we are off to a flying start today! Under 1.5 hours (even 1 hour) on the excellent autobahn from Berlin airport. What else… well you get the former Thümen nobles residence dating back to 1830, 100% freehold! Apart from that, you get the grounds, 800sqm, and even a ready rented cottage earning you an immediate income today!

The setting is certainly worthy of a mention. Where the ex-royal grounds back onto the tree lined lake, of particular interest and hard to miss will be the centuries old walnut tree at one end of the majestic lake! Whilst the lake was once stocked, it is unknown if fish reside in the waters now.

Fast forward to today, here and now, you will be pleased to know the building is in excellent overall shape. Firstly, a lot of the old wallpaper has already been stripped to prepare for your chosen décor.

Most importantly you have new gas and electric installation, complete with new fuse box. What else, the roof was repaired a couple of years ago and new gutters installed! On top of all that, chimneys were all renewed and new heaters fitted in the former ball room. That’s a superb head start, and in our book makes this majestic mansion ready to move into today – simply add your chosen furnishings and décor!

Adjoining your mansion are the former staff quarters, which are currently let out, also all yours and included! In the bungalow attached on the left, your tenant is an elderly lady who dearly loves to chat in German. It doesn’t matter if you understand her or not, she will still keep blabbering on. She also loves to show off how well she keeps her garden despite her age. Be sure, you are going to be impressed by her gardening skills. In simple terms she is the perfect tenant, as her little rented patch reflects.

She has always paid her rent right on time; the very stereotype of German efficiency and punctuality! You will take over the rent contract and receive rents. We certainly hope you wouldn’t consider terminating her lease right now, though you are free to do so. In any case, at approx. 90 years old, she will not be staying there indefinitely. The rented bungalow, just like the small part of the rented grounds, is kept immaculately!

Meantime the whole of main mansion is of course vacant! That’s the two storeys, the sub-level, the ball room, the vaults / basement underneath etc etc. Which will give you plenty to get started with! Please see all the photos to truly appreciate just how much you are getting today!

The overall condition is excellent! Solid German construction fit for nobility! The toughest choice you face will be deciding how much of it all to keep for yourself? Will you turn the whole lot into even more rented units and maximise on earnings? Or keep a big chunk as your base in central Europe?

At just over an hour from the buzzing, trendy capital of Berlin, your mansion makes for a perfect weekend break. Just imagine showing off, telling everyone you’re popping off to your mansion!
Though with Brexit fast approaching, you may well even consider moving here full time. There’s so much space inside, you can even have business premises in part of the building.

At the front, adjacent to the ballroom is an ex-shop which sold pet supplies up until a few years ago. Dimensions are ideal for a medium sized office. Even a reception, if you are considering a royal themed hotel venture, near to Berlin.

The ballroom can of course serve as the restaurant, or if you are keeping it to yourself, how about a ten pin bowling alley!? As lord of the manor, you can even ride a horse around it, if you very well please! Seriously, you are going to love strolling around lording it up, calling all of this yours!

Perhaps you're bringing over your uncle and cousins from the middle east to settle in Germany? Escaping Brexit? Escaping from your wife / husband? Or making a very viable hotel venture, options are bountiful and the location is definitely right. Remember, just over an hour from Berlin and the airport!

Whilst the setting of your mansion is serene and tranquil, you are only five minutes from Loburg where you will find all main town amenities including supermarkets, petrol station, banks, train station etc etc. In fact, the bus stop is just at the bottom of your cobbled street, that’s what you call handy!

Attractions include the preserved railway and museum. A fairly constant source of visitors to the area and yet another selling point / side excursion for guests, if you are considering a hotel. Not to mention the most obvious... your street leads to the Romanesque Road - a scenic route in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. So there’s your passing trade already in place!

Hotels aside, perhaps a simpler alternative will be a good set of apartments, 12 or so, which can be let on sites such as Airbnb. You have OVER 25 ROOMS just in the main house! Local grants are available for development and several businesses in the area have already benefited from such. Examples include a local exotic aviculture centre, where you may bump into an Ostrich out for a stroll.

From small community businesses to larger ventures, the area offers a high living standard. One of the main employers in the region is a laminate flooring manufacturer, which we are informed is currently recruiting new workers. So, it appears the area is truly on the up which you will certainly notice yourself, even just passing through. All surroundings are well kept, without abandoned buildings to be seen and no derelict properties anywhere.