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Facts About Tsada

Tsada (earlier (before 1985) written Tsadha) is a relatively big village 8 km North of Paphos city center. Although the proximity between them, the 600 m elevation difference gives to the Tsada area a totally different identity. The climate is much cooler all year long (during the hot and humid summers in Paphos the temperature gap can reach 6 °C) and it also is one of the few areas in the Paphos District that snows almost every year by the end of January. Tsada was the home village of EOKA national hero Evagoras Pallikarides. Although the history of the village can be counted 500 years ago, there is no significant architectural character, and only a few residences were reconstructed in the traditional way. It can be said that the only thing that makes the village special is the astonishing view towards Paphos and its sea. Currently mass developing is taking place in nearby hills, with high-end luxurious villas with panoramic views of Paphos and the Mediterranean sea being constructed over the last 5 years. The "Mellisovouno" hill between Tsada and Koili village hosts Paphos television and radio antenna.