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Excellent Plot of Land for Sale in Analyontas

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Excellent Plot of Land for Sale in Analyontas Nicosia Cyprus

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Analiontas Village



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No matter how much the world around us changes, the natural beauty and welcoming culture of Cyprus will always remain. On offer here is the chance to invest into this Mediterranean paradise with this highly sought-after plot of land.

Located near many popular tourist areas, at 3,345m2, this plot of land not only offer buyers a potentially wonderful, spacious and comfortable place to live and soak up the sunshine, but also a smart investment into the ever-growing Cypriot holiday rental market, thanks to its spectacular location. The property is in a residential area meaning that electricity and water are already there and ready to go. Situated in the centre of Cyprus, Analyontas is a peaceful, well-run area that is close to essential amenities in the town and just a short drive to many of the island's world-famous beach areas. This really is a blank canvas just waiting for someone with the vision and ambition to turn it into a lucrative business or residential project. As well as being a beautiful area in its own right, the central location of Analyontas makes it a wonderfuk base from which to explore the many other interesting places on the island, such as the famous capital Nicosia, which is just 25 mins away and the stunning Ayia Napa on the south coast (just 50 mins away).

Sports and leisure fans will not be delighted by the many excellent walking, cycling, water sports and fishing areas that surround the property and it is also close to numerous stunning golf courses such as International Golf Club Nicosia.

The area is also very well serviced in terms of local transport, with numerous bus services, and international transport, with Nicosia International Airport just 30 mins away, another huge draw in the holiday rental market of course. Being a relatively small island, wherever you are in Cyprus, you are also never far away from the coast and many seaports, a lot of which also offer boating day trips to the many other fascinating places and cultures nearby.


Analiontas is considered as a small village of about 350 residents and is located at an altitude of 380 metres at a distance of 20 kilometres south of Nicosia.

It has an average rainfall of 425 cm with a main cultivation of olives, wheat, vegetables, almond trees and other citrus trees. It met n increase in population over the last few years. During the first intercommunal issues during the 50's it was a mixed village with Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots.

Katalyontas was a small community about one kilometre southeast of the village where Turkish Cypriots lived during the ruling of the British between 1925 and 1959. The area belongs to Analionta. During the last inventory of 2001 the residents of the village were 300. Analiontas is located in the area of Tamassos, the kingdom which extends to Mathiati to the east and to Agrokipia to the west. On a hill, to the southeast of the village is the monastery of Archangelos Michael.

There are many different versions concerning the name of the village. According to one of these, Analiontas took its name from the verb analyo which means analyse. This is due to the fact that during the ancient years and in particular during the period which Tamasso developed, there was a mine where copper was analysed. That is, where they developed the parts from the mines in order to take the copper and sometimes gold. Proof that this is true is the rusty soil which still exists today. Another version is that Analiontas was named like that from leonda. It is mentioned that in the area there were two feuds during the Venetian period. One is Analionta and one in Katalyonta. As it is known the lion is the animal of Evangelist Mark, the protector of the Venetian who had the lion as a symbol. The village is marked with the name Anolido and Katolido on all the Venetian maps that were made during 1500 A.D.

The area of Analiontas was inhabited by the ancient times. In the area of Kourvellos , which is located at the southeast of the village , a French archaeological group discovered tools and other items of the Neolithic period (4.800 BC) of the same era with the Chirokitia Community. There is no community today because according to the archaeological group the area is used as a temporary house.

Also according to tradition, in the area Petrera which is located 500 metres southwest of the village there was an older community, of which its ruins are large piles of rocks today and therefore it was named Petrera.

According to Gannis, in Analiontas there must have been an important roman community, judging from the countless tombs of this period which were found in the area. In April 1992, a roman tomb of priceless value with gold and other items was found in the area of Mazovounos.

Nearchos Klirides mentioned that during the Frank period, as well as the Byzantine period, the chapel was well known for many miracles of Saint George, and the miracle icon was kept in the church of Agia Marina and later in the Archiepiscopate. Older residents mention that the Turkish Cypriot feud owner of Katalyonta , Hilmi Beis lit the candle of Saint George. Besides this there was an underground tunnels which led to a Christian crypt during the prosecutions.


To the southeast part of the island, in the Analiontas community, there are only some ruins of the well-known chapel of Agiou Georgiou.

At the point where the chapel was built, there are only some old stones. The particular chapel was especially well known during the Frank period as well as the byzantine years according to Nearchos Klirides. The chapel's fame is connected with the miraculous icon of Agiou Georgiou which decorated the church of the village for many years. In nowadays the icon of the saint is kept in the Archiepiscopate.

According to tradition, there was a bond between a Turkish Cypriot resident of the village with Agio Georgio. The candle of the saint was lit by one of the Turkish Cypriot residents of Katalyonta, the feud owner Hilmi Beis. At the same time, the residents of the village witness the existence of a tunnel in the basement which was used by the Christians during the prosecution.


* Perfectly located plot of land.

* Total area of 3,345m2.

* Located in a peaceful, well run part of Cyprus.

* Property is in a residential area with electricity and water there already.

* Huge potential in the fast-growing Cypriot holiday rental market.

* Close to essential amenities.

* Short drive to many of the area's glorious beaches.

* Just 20km from the capital, Nicosia.

* Just 50 mins from Ayia Napa.

* Surrounded by breath-taking mountain and sea views.

* Surrounded by excellent walking, cycling, water sports and fishing areas.

* Excellent Transport Links.

* 30 mins away from Nicosia International Airport.

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