4 beds Apartment Aglandjia, NICOSIA                                 

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St. George's Place is a lovely residential complex located in Aglanjia, a suburb and municipality of Nicosia. The complex has a la...

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2 beds Villa Aglandjia, NICOSIA                                       

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Private VillaAglantziaNicosiaThis private villa for sale in Cyprus is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburb of Aglantjia on ...

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Facts About Aglandjia

Aglandjia (Greek: ????????? [locally [a?la?nd??a]]; Turkish: E?lence) is a suburb and a municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus. The municipality has a population of 20,783 (2011) and is contiguous with Nicosia Municipality.
Aglandjia is near the buffer zone. It has an area of about 31 km2, of which 14 km2 are agricultural land occupied by the Turkish army since 1974. Of the remaining 17 km2, 9 km2 are national forest parks (Athalassa park, 8.6 km2 and Pedagogical Academy park 0.4 km2).