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Excellent 5 Bedroom House For Sale in Miraflores Cali

$640,478 | £460,717 | €530,000
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ForSale SqFt Area 4Baths 5Beds
Excellent 5 Bedroom House For Sale in Miraflores Cali Colombia

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Calle 4 No.24A-20
City: CALI
State: Valle del Cauca

Price in dollars 550000

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With its glorious natural scenery, excellent climate, welcoming culture and excellent standards of living, Colombia is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most desirable places across the world to live or visit. On offer here is a chance to make a smart financial investment into this magnificent part of the world.

House located in a traditional and historic neighborhood of Cali. It is known as the Hirs house. 4 full bathrooms / 5 bedrooms / kitchen / 3 living rooms / wooden roof terrace / internal service stair / porch / entrance hall. 3 Garages.

The capital of the Valle del Cauca is a city whose tourist attractions have their own history, active cultural life, and musical rhythms that are famed around the world. Cali’s music, thanks to the city’s rich ethnic diversity, ranges from the currulao of the Pacific coast to the city’s star: salsa, the contagious, frenetic rhythm that is ingrained in the country’s culture. Cali is known by the rest Colombia as the 'Rumba Capital' and by the world as the 'Salsa Capital', thanks to its characteristic street parties and dance.

As you travel through the city, you can visit the banks of the Cali river and admire the architecture of churches like Ermita and other colonial era buildings that are true national monuments. Don’t forget to visit key destinations like the Zoológico de Cali, the Barrio Granada, and the massive Cristo Rey, a statue similar to Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo Redentor, that watches over the city from the Cerro de las Tres Cruces.

Among its many tourist destinations, Cali also has a number of museums: The La Tertulia Museum, the Calima Gold Museum, and the La Merced Archeological Museum are a few of the most well-known. You can also use your walks around Cali as an opportunity to sample some of the city’s traditional cuisine, with Spanish, indigenous, and African roots, giving each plate its own unique flavor. This cultural blend has resulted in delicacies such as arroz atollado (a type of seasoned rice with meat), empanadas vallunas (empanadas made with potatoes and shredded beef), sancocho de gallina (a type of chicken soup), sopa de tortillas (tortilla soup), aborrajado valluno (fritters made with plantains and cheese), tostadas de plátano verde con hogao (green plantain fritters with salsa), chuleta valluna (a type of pork milanese), and tamales (meat, beans, or other fillings wrapped in corn dough and steamed).

Cali’s cuisine also includes a great variety of sweets, thanks to the sugar cane that grows in the Valle del Cauca. Some of these sweets include manjar blanco (similar to dulce de leche), cocadas (coconut macaroons), cholado (a fruit-based dessert), and champús, a rich drink made with corn, naranjilla, pineapple, cinammon, and melado syrup. Of course, one of the best things to do in Cali is party, especially in the Juanchito area, where there are plenty of places to dance and a unique atmosphere that will get you moving your feet.


Cali is a Colombian city in the Valle del Cauca department, southwest of Bogotá. It’s known for salsa dancing and there are many clubs in the suburb of Juanchito. In Cali’s oldest quarter, the neoclassical San Pedro Cathedral houses paintings of the Quito School. Nearby is the 18th- and 19th-century San Francisco Religious Complex. La Merced Chapel is where the first mass was held after Cali was founded in 1536.

Cali is a city with a real zest for life that draws you in and stays with you long after you leave town. Beyond a handful of churches and museums, Cali is light on sights – but the city’s main attraction is its beguiling, electrifying atmosphere. If you make the effort you will find great nightlife, good restaurants and plenty to do, especially in the evening, when a cool mountain breeze dissipates the heat of the day.

Cali is rich in Afro-Colombian heritage; nowhere is the nation’s racial diversity and harmony more apparent. From the barrios to the big, slick clubs, everyone is moving to one beat, and that beat is salsa. Music in the world’s salsa capital is more than entertainment: it is a unifying factor that ties the city together.


• 500m2 of living space
• 5 Bedrooms
• 4 Bathrooms
• Stunning Views
• Private Parking
• Private Garden
• Massive potential in the rental market Airbnb and if redeveloped
• Close to essential amenities like such as supermarkets and pharmacies
• Close to many excellent bars and restaurants
• Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Colombia
• Many excellent facilities, walking and sports areas nearby

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