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Property for sale

Seller Financed - Pay Monthly - £200 p.m - Final price only £4,500 Veliko Tarnovo region

$5,854 | £4,500 | €5,417
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ForSale 2050 SqMt Area 0Baths 0Beds

Pay Monthly - £4,500 purchase price - payable at £200 per month. 

Immediate transfer of rights, keys and possession. No upfront costs. No interest, clear the balance at any time without penalty. 

Payment terms are flexible and tailored specifically for your personal budget (min. £200 p.m)

Solid brick built three room home with 2,050sqm land, all freehold and buildeable. Located on the edge of Morava (VT), a well developed and alive location. Shops, bar / diners and the train station are all within five minutes. 

Bulgariadirect, est. 2003, are pleased to offer an innovative new route to home ownership, without the stress and worry of conventional mortgages! A simple, secure and transparent solution offering home ownership with immediate access, without tying up your all your capital at once. 

Whilst the property obviously requires repairs, as you are buying in installments you can take as long as you need adding all your chosen touches. The real star of the show though is the location, today you can arrive straight here on the train, making for the perfect base to explore all the best of Bulgaria! Head to the airport cities, down to VT or along to the coast whenever you please! Thanks to the easy connections you can explore all of Bulgaria or even further afield from your new base!

If driving you'll surely be impressed by the short asphalt track serving your very home & land. You can park street-side or drive straight onto your massive plot! It's so big you could even trot your horse around on it!

There's bars in town where beer costs pennies! There's also at least half a dozen shops, all offering impressively low BG prices. Life in Bulgaria is like living it up in a permanent January sale, living costs average under 1/3 of the UK's, and the weather is a lot nicer too (at any time of year!) Just about everything and anything you may need is right here in Morava!

Morava has several facilities which are often overlooked by investors, holidaymakers and full time expats alike. To name just two: petrol station & train station! On top of that you have the shops, medical centre, municipality, post office and even a builders merchant within five minutes stroll!

So far top marks for location! In fact, without moving to an actual city, this is the best! All the charm of the countryside combined with town amenities right here so close to home. The property has sat empty a few years, so expect all the usual repairs and a through cleaning and decorating will be required throughout. Mains water and electric are both on site. Internet goes without saying these days, Bulgaria enjoys among the world's fastest average broadband speeds!

Thanks to the layout, this one is ideal as a first time fixer-upper. Aspiring profit developers can easily achieve some profit on the property if selling via conventional estate agencies, after a cosmetic makeover. Need materials? Then stroll down to the DIY shop, right here in Morava! Just about everything you need is in stock all year, what isn't can usually be delivered within 24 hours. That's right, you dont even need to drive down into VT City! 

From the outside, the property seems really modest. Noone will know what a gigantic field you have at the rear - privacy really is excellent with this one. The land and setting alone make the property a worthy addition to any portfolio, though once more the real benefit here is the actual location. 

Shops, bars, restaurants, post office, medical centre, train station, bus stops, petrol station, nursery and much more all right here. An alive village (investors take note here) now approaching town status. 

Come live it up in the sun, enjoying living costs under 1/3 of UK averages! Even if you wont be moving full time yet, grab this huge home today as your Plan-B, ready if you ever want to bail from Blighty! 

Keys are ready, awaiting the new owner! Owning a home in the sun has never been easier!

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