Venezuela Facts Capital: CaracasGovernment Type: Federal republicCurrency: VEBPopulation: 28,459,085Total Area: 352,143 Square Miles912,050 Square KilometersLocation: Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and GuyanaLanguage: Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects LanguagesSpanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects.   The Venezuela People   Many Venezuelans use affectionate nicknames with people that they do not know well. For instance, it is not strange to be called “my love” (mi amor) by an acquaintance. Many nicknames are given on the basis of a person's appearance. When shaking hands, Venezuelans use the appropriate greeting for the time of day - 'buenos dias', 'buenas tardes', or 'buenas noches'. Where to find more out about Venezuela Online NewspapersVenezuela Analysis


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