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Facts About Manouba

Manouba (Arabic: ?????? man?b?) is a city in north-eastern Tunisia, part the agglomeration of Tunis, also called "Grand Tunis". It is located at the west of Tunis city center at around 36°48?28?N 10°6?4?E. It is the capital city of Manouba Governorate. Manouba is well known for its university. It is also an ideal place for family life because of its security, availability of all kinds of services and its high level of education.
Historically, Manouba is noted as the birthplace of the sufi saint Sayyida ???isha al-Mann?biyya (1199–1267 CE), and until 2012 the city contained a shrine to her, supposedly her father's house. It was customary in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, for the Beys of Tunis to make a ritual circuit of city's the great shrines on the 27th day of Rama??n (laylat al-Qadr) and visit this shrine. More recently, 'up until the Tunisian revolution of January 2011, once a week, on Sundays or Mondays, rituals were held ... During the day, the shrines were women’s space, devoted to music and trance rituals. At night, they became men’s space, dedicated to ??f? ceremonies (dhikr ...)'. However, on 6 October 2012, the shrine was burned down by religious extremists, thought to be young Salafis; ???isha's catafalque was entirely destroyed.