St Vincent And Grenadines

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Facts Capital: KingstownGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realmCurrency: XCDPopulation: 103,220Total Area: 150 Square Miles389 Square KilometersLocation: Caribbean, islands between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and TobagoLanguage: English, French patois LanguagesEnglish, French patois.   The Saint Vincent And The Grenadines People   When meeting a friend, Vincentians may offer a clever remark or witty challenge rather than a conventionally polite phrase. There are many popular Vincentian sayings, such as, “Monkey know which tree to climb” (don't anger that person or he'll get you), “Never hang your hat where your hand cannot reach” (don't over extend yourself), and “Shoulder can't go above head“ (you can't over reach people in authority).


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