Slovenia Facts Capital: LjubljanaGovernment Type: Parliamentary republicCurrency: EURPopulation: 1,992,690Total Area: 7,827 Square Miles20,273 Square KilometersLocation: south Central Europe, Julian Alps between Austria and CroatiaLanguage: Slovenian 92%, Serbo-Croatian 6.2%, other 1.8% LanguagesSlovenian 92%, Serbo-Croatian 6.2%, other 1.8%. The official language is Slovene, a Slavic language. The language has a special language construct that indicates two people or things, separate to singular and plural. Slovene uses Roman characters, but excludes q,w,and x. The oldest documents preserved date back to 1000 AD. Slovene resisted the pressure to "Germanize" the language. The next most used language is English.   The Slovenian People   Slovenes smile, shake hands and greet each other with Kako se imate? (How are you?). The casual term is kako se imas? Sometimes Slovenes nod their head when shaking hands. If their hand is not clean, they will use a verbal greeting, ...


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