Slovakia Facts Capital: BratislavaGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: SKKPopulation: 5,488,339Total Area: 18,932 Square Miles49,035 Square KilometersLocation: Central Europe, south of PolandLanguage: Slovak (official), Hungarian LanguagesSlovak (official), Hungarian. Slovaks speak Slovak. Hungarian is the second most commonly spoken language, especially in the south. German is widely understood, while English is the language of choice to study in school. The Slovak Republic was formed at the time of the division of the Czech Republic in 1993.   The Slovak People   Shaking hands is the most frequent form of greeting. A man usually waits for a woman to extend her hand. Formal titles carry a particular significance. People are addressed as Pan (Mr) or Pani (Mrs), followed by any professional title and then the surname. First names are used upon mutual consent, among friends, or among the youth.