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Facts About Dubrava

Dubrava, Dúbrava, Doubrava, Dubrawa, D?browa, Dabrava or Dubrave is a toponym common in Slavic regions. Terminology is derived from an old Slavic word dub (oak) and it generally means "oak grove", "dub woods". Oak was an important tree in Slavic mythology (and in Illyrian mythology). For example, a medieval Slavic settlement of Dubrava later formed the city of Dubrovnik; the species of oak that grows in that area is Quercus ilex L.
The term can refer to:
Dubrava, Zagreb, one of the largest neighbourhoods of Zagreb
Dubrava, Zagreb County, a village and a municipality in the Zagreb County
Lake Dubrava in northern Croatia
Dubrava, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, a village on Pelješac
Dubrava, Split-Dalmatia County, a village near Omiš
Dubrava Zabo?ka, a village near Zabok
Dumbrava, Prahova
Dumbrava, V?tava
Dúbrava, Liptovský Mikuláš District, a village
Dúbrava, Levo?a District, a village
Dúbrava, Snina District, a village
Hronská Dúbrava, Ziar nad Hronom District, a village
the Czech republic
Doubrava (Karviná), a village
Doubrava (Aš), a village
Dubrawa, a Polish term and toponym
Dabrava, Blagoevgrad Province, a village
Dabrava, Dobrich Province, a village
Dabrava, Lovech Province, a village
Dabrava, Stara Zagora Province, a village
Dumbrava, Tru?eni
Dubrava, Bojnik, a village
Dubrava, Ivanjica, a village
Dubrava, Kuršumlija, a village
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dubrava, Kalinovik, a village