Luxembourg Facts Capital: LuxembourgGovernment Type: Constitutional monarchyCurrency: EURPopulation: 514,862Total Area: 998 Square Miles2,586 Square KilometersLocation: Western Europe, between France and GermanyLanguage: Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French LanguagesLuxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French.   The Luxembourg People   Men shake hands, even with non-peers, men/women give women three kisses on the cheeks (peer/non-peer, but usually only same age) Younger people often use the expression "salut" (like the French) to say hi, older generations use "Moien" or "Bonjour" (French words are often used to speak in a more "distinguished" way. To greet someone one would generally say "Moien" in the morning, "Metteg" during the day and , "n'Owend" in the evening, n'Owend is the short form of gudden Owend or good evening. "Salut" is widely used by younger generations (age 30 or less). To ...


Modern apartment in Echternach                                       

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Beuatiful and modern apartment located in the center of Echternach. Very close to many restaurants, supermarkets and the bus stati...

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