Latvia Facts Capital: RigaGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: LVLPopulation: 2,178,443Total Area: 24,938 Square Miles64,589 Square KilometersLocation: Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and LithuaniaLanguage: Latvian (official), Lithuanian, Russian, other LanguagesLatvian (official), Lithuanian, Russian, other. Russian is still used in commerce and daily life. English and German are also widely used. Latvian is related to the Lithuanian language. Latvian is based on the Latin alphabet, but contains many diacritical marks. It is now the official language.   The Latvian People   Introductions are done by giving their name and surname to the other person. A firm handshake with strong eye contact is the norm. With good friends a light kiss may also given. It is common for friends to use first names. In the afternoon young people say: "Chau" (hello), if they know each other, "Labdien" (good afternoon) if they don't know each other. I...


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