Finland Facts Capital: HelsinkiGovernment Type: RepublicCurrency: EURPopulation: 5,266,114Total Area: 130,558 Square Miles338,145 Square KilometersLocation: Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Sweden and RussiaLanguage: Finnish 93.4% (official), Swedish 5.9% (official), small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities LanguagesFinnish 93.4% (official), Swedish 5.9% (official), small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities. The Finnish people take great pride in their language. Through the years they have resisted other nation's attempts to impose their language on them. Over 93% of the population speaks Finnish, a Finnish-Ugric language coming from a language family different from Scandinavian languages. It is closely related to Estonian. Finland recognizes Sami, the tongue of the indigenous minority Sami. English is popular as a second language. Swedish is the second official language, spoken by 6% of the population.&Aci...


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