Czech Republic

Czech Republic Facts Capital: PragueGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: CZKPopulation: 10,162,921Total Area: 30,451 Square Miles78,867 Square KilometersLocation: Central Europe, between Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and AustriaLanguage: Czech LanguagesCzech belongs to the Slavic group of languages. The central European nation is ethnically quite homogeneous. The only noticeable minority is Roms (Gypsies), who are bilingual. Many Czechs speak German, French, Russian or English as a second language, depending on their generation. Younger Czechs generally use English as a second language. The Czech Republic came into existence first in 1918, and then on 1 January 1993 the division of the Czech and Slovak Republics. In their language days, months, season and lots of other words are wrote with non-capitalized first letters.   The Czech People   Acquaintances and friends shake hands firmly with a verbal greeting. A young person greets an older person politely. Wome...


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