Costa Rica

Costa Rica Facts Capital: San JoseGovernment Type: Democratic republicCurrency: CRCPopulation: 4,695,942Total Area: 19,730 Square Miles51,100 Square KilometersLocation: Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and PanamaLanguage: Spanish (official), English LanguagesSpanish (official), English.   The Costa Rican People   The typical greeting phrases throughout the day are: ¿Qué mae, tuanis? ¿Todo bien? ¿Pura Vida?, which are used among young people or in closer social circles. More formally, in the morning people would generally say "Buenos días", whereas in the evening it would be "Buenas noches". In the afternoon people will greet each other saying "Buenas tardes". The most common one, however, would be "Buenas" throughout the entire day. Where to find more out about Costa Rica Cocori- Complete Costa RicaCosta Rica Home PagesOnline Newspapers


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