Bulgaria Facts Capital: SofiaGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: BGNPopulation: 6,981,642Total Area: 42,810 Square Miles110,879 Square KilometersLocation: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Romania and TurkeyLanguage: Bulgarian LanguagesBulgarian. The official language is Bulgarian, and nearly all inhabitants speak it. About half of the Turkish population speaks Turkish as its mother tongue. Bulgarian is a Slavic language that uses an alphabet first developed in the ninth century by Cyril and Methodise. English is now the most popular language for children to study, followed by German and French.   The Bulgarian People   Usually a person greets another person during the day, with a smiling face, and a simple hello, (Zdrasti) sometimes one would extend their hand for a handshake. One might also say Good morning! (Dobro utro!) , Good afternoon! (Dobro utro!) or Good evening! (Dobar vecher!). Hand-slaps and hugs are popular among young...


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