Australia Facts Capital: CanberraGovernment Type: Federal parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realmCurrency: AUDPopulation: 22,262,501Total Area: 2,988,885 Square Miles7,741,220 Square KilometersLocation: Oceania, continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific OceanLanguage: English, native languages LanguagesEnglish, native languages.   The Australian People   A typical greeting in the morning would include “Hi”, “Hello” or “Good Morning” or Just “'Morning” during the day one would say “Hi”, “Hello” or “Gday” “Gday” is more or less restricted to the working class and males. Greetings are usually accomplished with a handshake - especially between males and especially if you have not seen each other in more than a few weeks. When someone leave they might shake hands if their males, and kiss on cheek if their females. Where to find more out about Aus...


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