Excellent Plot of land for sale in Salamansabay Cape

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Excellent Plot of land for sale in Salamansabay Cape



Excellent Plot of land for sale in Salamansabay Cape Verde

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Sao Vicente

Cape Verde

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This beachfront hotel plot, with Deed number 9200583640000, is in Salamansabay, a planned tourism zone, and has great views (beach, ocean, white sand dunes, neighbour island, mountains), in a clean environment, is 80 -100 meters from the sea and will be served by infrastructure networks and by an 18-hole golf course, now under construction. In its 78,613 sqms, it is allowed to build 30,784 sqms of gross construction area, and to hold around 362-440 hotel rooms, on 3 floors.

This plot has on its right-side another hotel plot, and on its left side a high standing villas plot.

Salamansabay is in S. Vicente, Cape Verde, the first multicultural country in the world and one of the most peaceful.


This hotel plot seems opportune because Cape Verde has been demanded, as a tourism destination, by its geographical location, easy access by air, political and social stability, bathing beaches and climatic conditions, branded mainly by its aridity and sunshine throughout the year. In this context, the islands have the potential for tourism development, particularly those with international airport, as it is the case of São Vicente.

In fact, the cape-Verdean islands with good air accessibility and essential public facilities have attracted important hotel chains, which are already operating in the country or are preparing to do so. The most important of them are:

* RIU Hotels & Resorts
* Meliã Hotels International
* TUI Magic Life
* IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts
* Royal Decameron
* Hilton Hotels and Resorts
* Radisson Blue Hotel
* Pestana Hotel Group
* Oasis Hotel Group

There are also regular international tourist excursions passing through Mindelo, as well as tourist excursions to the neighbouring island of Santo Antão, considered by renowned magazines as one of the 10 most beautiful mountain island in the world.


Mindelo is open to foreign visitors and investors since 19th century when British investors established a coaling station to supply steam ships.

In its glory days, S. Vicente Island/Mindelo, supplied hundreds of ships with coal every year and:

* Held a switching station for the first transatlantic telegraph cable,
* Had a Royal Mail Station and kept a British golf course,
* Is known as Cape Verde’s cultural capital,
* Has good roads between airport and other zones, including Salamansabay,
* Has effective telephone system and mobile phone coverage (ADSL or 4G),
* Has best port of Cape Verde with a container transshipment facility,
* Has international airport with regular flights to/from Europe; class 4D; VXE IATA codes; GVSV ICAO codes; 2,000m/45m runway; Boeing 757-200 as critical aircraft; passenger terminal up to 500 people per hour,
* Has hospital, health care centre and health clinics,
* Has good water and energy production capacity,
* Is a regatta stopover point throughout the year.


Throughout the year, many cultural events take place just a few minutes from Salamansabay, involving music festivals, carnival, and gastronomic events, namely:

* Carnival – February
* St. John the Baptist Party – June
* Fresh Mackerel Festival (kavala Fresk Festival) – July
* Baía das Gatas Festival – August
* Second Edition of Carnival – August
* Salamansa Music Festival – August
* International Theatre Festival (Mindelat) – September
* Patron Saint of the island – September
* Cinema and Audiovisual Festival (Oiá) – October
* Cabo Verde Ocean week (November)
* Year-end celebration – December/January

About the Area

Salamansabay is a wholly owned coastal zone, with its Land Management Plan approved by the Government. It is located about twenty minutes away from the Cesária Évora International Airport and is in front of the Bay of Salamansa, covering about 500 hectares of land, which will be developed in 6 stages, so that it can hold hotels and high standing villas, all with an ocean view towards Santo Antão island.

The development of Salamansabay – Stage 1 is already under way. It covers approximately 56 hectares of beachfront land, and includes a five-star hotel, a lovely-protected beach, water and wastewater treatment plants and associated infrastructures, an emergency power plant, and 3 additional macro plots for hotels and tourist villas, in addition to parking areas, a golf course, and other leisure structures.

São Vicente, also spelled Saint Vincent, is one of the Barlavento Islands, which form the northern group within the Cape Verde archipelago. Here’s a breakdown of what this island offers:

Location and Landscape:

* Island in the Atlantic: Situated off the west coast of Africa, São Vicente is between the islands of Santo Antão and Santa Luzia.
* Volcanic Origins: The island’s volcanic origins are evident in its rugged terrain. Mountain ranges like Monte Verde and the Madeiral and Fateixa massifs dominate the landscape.
* Contrasting Scenery: São Vicente boasts a diverse landscape, with white sand beaches along the coast, lush valleys, and arid plains.

Cultural Hub and Historical Significance:

* Capital of Culture: Mindelo, the island’s capital, is renowned as the cultural heart of Cape Verde. A vibrant music scene, colorful festivals, and a rich artistic heritage characterize the city.
* Historical Significance: Discovered by Portuguese explorer Diogo Afonso in 1462, the island played a crucial role in transatlantic trade routes. Remnants of this past can be found in historical sites and colonial architecture.

Activities and Attractions:

* Explore Mindelo: Immerse yourself in the city’s lively atmosphere. Visit the bustling harbor, explore the colorful markets, and soak up the vibrant culture. Be sure to experience the city’s renowned nightlife scene, known for its music and dance.
* Embark on an Adventure: Hike or bike through the island’s rugged terrain, exploring the mountains, valleys, and hidden coves. Explore the surrounding countryside and discover the island’s natural beauty.
* Relax on the Beach: São Vicente offers several beaches, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Popular options include Laginha Beach and Praia de Baía das Gatas and Salamansa beach.
* Delve into History: Visit the Fortress of São Brás, a 17th-century military structure offering panoramic views of the city and harbor. Explore the Museu do Centro Cultural de Mindelo to gain insights into the island’s rich history and culture.

Unique Experiences:

* Music and Dance: Witness the vibrant music scene and experience the traditional ‘coladera’ dance, a symbol of Cape Verdean culture. Attend the annual ‘Baía das Gatas Beach Music Festival’ for a lively celebration of music and dance.
* Culinary Delights: Savor the delicious Cape Verdean cuisine, known for its fresh seafood dishes, Creole flavors, and local ingredients. Sample the local grogue, a traditional sugarcane rum.

Overall, São Vicente offers a captivating blend of cultural richness, historical significance, and natural beauty. Whether you seek a vibrant city experience, outdoor adventure, or a chance to delve into the local culture, São Vicente promises an unforgettable Cape Verdean adventure.

Main Features

* 78613 m2 of land for development
* Excellent location close to many amenities
* Stunning views.
* Huge Potential in the rental market if developed on.

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