What to Check Before You Rent Property in Malta


Buying a property in another country might be problematic, but should never let you from achieving your dream to live abroad. Today we will be what do you need to check before you go for long term rentals in Malta.  

1. Make Sure of  the Apartment Status

Don’t assume that an office is big enough as an apartment. An office has different legislation than apartments. Such as having a tank of water. If you are looking for an apartment, then rent an apartment. Make sure that this is eventually listed in the contract as apartment too.


2. Make Sure of the Costs

In the contract, there will be two different types of costs, lessee or lessor costs. Sometimes the electricity and water bill is paid by the lessor but most often is paid by the lessee. Be careful of this in the contract. It’s important to draw out with the lessor the costs to avoid any hiccups happening.


3. Calculate and make sure of the inflation rate

Be careful, as inflations may be going up or deflating down, depending on the contract agreements. Some contract agreements will include a fixed rate and some will include the government rates. Make sure you check with the offices for the inflation rate before paying the fiscal receipt of the rent.


4. Confirm notice period date

No one deserves to end up homeless. Make sure that in the contract you decide a notice period should you decide want to leave or the one who is renting you the apartment has other plans. If this is not named in the contract, then the lessors can do whatever they want.


5. Do everything as required by the law

Don’t pay rent without a fiscal receipt. The reason is that the lessor may be not paying the right taxes which can have an effect on the price that is named to you. Which leads to making sure that the price is after VAT.


6. Don’t pay the deposit unless you are sure

It’s important to be sure of the place you are renting because once the deposit is paid, it is probably a 1-month rent. It’s impossible to be able to get that money back once paid.


7. Check piping and electricity sockets

One thing that often go unnoticed when checking a new apartment to rent are the sockets and piping for drainage or sink. Make sure to check the flow is how it should be and also know the sockets around the building.


8. Prepare to pay the rent

The rent in Malta is not that expensive but it’s not cheap either. It’s totally worth it but doesn’t expect cheap places. Make sure you follow this list before you book or pay. If any mishaps happen then you can always check with the authorities to help you in any mishaps you may end up in.


Final Words

Lastly, the Island in the center of the Mediterranean offers a world of opportunities to you and your ambition to live abroad. Together with traditional cuisines and also other places, you can feel right at home espacially if you love the party life. We wish you all the luck in this dream!

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