What draws people to the North East?



From the people to the property, there are plenty of reasons why the North East of England remains such a popular region


Every region in the UK has its own unique culture, vibe and history, and the North East is certainly no different. All it takes is one “why aye man” to know that you’re in the North East, and after spending a bit of time, you may just find it hard to leave.

The North East has a reputation as one of the most charming, warm and welcoming places in the UK. Spanning the likes of Newcastle, Darlington, Durham and Northumberland, many people make the move to the North East in order to seek a better quality of life.

But what exactly is it that keeps drawing people to this area? Here are six key reasons.

The people

If there’s one thing that people know about the North East, it’s that you’re sure to strike up a conversation wherever you go. The people of the North East are notoriously friendly, helpful and chatty. Whether it’s the person ringing up your shopping or the man you happened to sit next to on the bus, every day is a chance to get to know people and feel connected.

There is nothing quite like joining a community only to be accepted with open arms, and this is exactly what new residents to the North East enjoy.

The views

There are plenty of beautiful spots in the UK to take in the sights, from the white cliffs of Dover to the rugged Scottish Highlands, and the North East has its own share of picturesque points of interest. Whether it’s the stunning woodlands of Kielder Forest, the sandy beaches of Whitley Bay and Tynemouth or the vast plains of Northumberland, there is something for everyone. Even the cities and towns come with their own visual charm, particularly stunning market towns like Darlington.

The regeneration

The world may be in a period of unrest, but the North East is still an exciting place to be. From local improvements to big brand investments, many areas in the North East remain on the up and up. Towns and cities are being modernised, and new houses are being built. Quaysides are being revamped into beautiful leisure hotspots with plenty to see and do.

The property

Did we mention new homes? That’s because the North East is a hub of beautiful and affordable property, with stunning developments across the region. New homes in Middleton St George, Darlington and other desirable locations are providing opportunities for budding buyers from all walks of life, whether you’re looking for your first home, hoping to start a family, or keen to downsize for retirement.

New build homes provide all the comforts and conveniences of modern living, including high specification fixtures and superior smart heating. With homes across the region to choose from, it’s no wonder so many people continue to be drawn to the North East when looking for their dream property.

The travel links

As much as you love where you live, you want to know that visiting another location is easy to do. This is certainly true in the North East, which boasts fantastic travel links throughout the UK and even abroad, by both plane and ferry. Bus services – and the Metro around Tyneside – make it easy to see all the sights the North East has to offer, while frequent trains mean you can easily arrive at practically any other UK hotspot without much effort.

All of these factors come together to make the North East one of the most desirable locations the UK has to offer.

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