What are the most affordable coastal destinations for UK holiday homes?



Many of us dream of buying a holiday home by the sea, but which location should you choose? Among the countless beautiful coastal destinations in the UK, some offer advantages that others don’t. Some are ideal for water sports, while others offer the best sandy beaches or the prettiest fishing villages. While you may have a favourite spot that you visit frequently, other towns and villages could offer similar advantages and lower property prices.

Cornwall and Devon boast some of the most striking scenery and breath-taking ocean views. But a pretty seaside cottage in Scotland can also be a great option.

The most affordable coastal destinations in the UK to buy a holiday home

Holidays within the UK are increasingly popular and the demand for holiday home ownership is on the rise. Especially during the pandemic prices have increased significantly. However, some options may be more affordable. Many holiday parks offer accommodations in stunning locations by the sea that can be purchased at a lower price. Similarly, some seaside locations are still more affordable than others.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby in North Yorkshire is a romantic seaside town with sandy beaches and plenty of relaxing locations. Pretty paths lead down to the seaside, where you can take in the breathtaking views. On average the price for a property here is just over £200,000.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a pretty town in North Yorkshire, which offers some of the best waves for surfers in the UK. Pretty red cable cars add to the charm of Saltburn, which offers affordable property prices at approximately £160,000.

Troon in South Ayrshire, Scotland

The Scottish town Troon on the west coast of Ayrshire can be reached in about an hour from Glasgow Prestwick Airport. In Troon you can find a popular golf course and many attractions by the water. It’s possible to spend less than £200,000 on a holiday home here, even though prices have increased.

Ilfracombe, Devon

If you have fallen in love with the beautiful scenery of Devon, Ilfracombe may be a great choice. With an average property price of currently about £260,000 you could enjoy the extraordinary countryside of Devon whenever you feel like it.

Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk

Caister-on-Sea, also referred to as Caister, is a small holiday resort in Norfolk. This village is known for its long quiet beach, perfect for visitors to take walks, let their dogs run free and where you may even catch a glimpse of a seal.

A coastal holiday home in the UK may seem like a luxury at first, but is something that could be worth investing in and may increase in value over time.

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