What are microapartments, and why have they become a trend in Spain?


Increasingly, in the Spanish housing market, developers are building properties not for sale but for rent. Many foreign investment funds that implement projects with microapartments have succumbed to a similar trend. Microapartments are designed to be very efficient, considering every square meter of space. The price of real estate in Madrid and Barcelona, large cities, is quite high, so the lack of space forces architects to invent very ingenious solutions for organizing space within a studio apartment.

The source Spain Real Estate offers to get acquainted with information about the popularity of micro-apartments in Spain and their features.

What is a microapartment?

Microapartment–studio is a residential “cell” of 20.8 m2, where 17.7 m2 is available for a bedroom-hall and kitchen, and 3.1 m2 is a bathroom. These apartments are located in projects designed for long-term and short-term rentals. Each building includes from 250 to 1,000 microapartments-studios and common spaces.

It is known that at the end of 2021, these buildings have been implemented in such cities as

 – Madrid, 
 – Valencia, 
 – Alicante,
 – Malaga. 

Developers will launch similar projects in Barcelona, but nobody knows where they will be located, because the central part of the city is densely populated.

Features of microapartments

You can understand the peculiarity of this type of real estate in the building that will be built in Madrid. At the moment, it exists only on paper, but there will be 520 apartments, 399 of which will be studios of 20.8 m². There will be a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. In addition to these apartments, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments of 37 m² and 56 m² will also be rented out. There will be recreation areas, common areas, a gym, and a swimming pool in the building. It will have everything for a comfortable life, and soon there will be a large shopping complex in walking distance. The estimated rental cost per month will be 750-800 euros. 

Real estate in Malaga will primarily be built for employees of the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA). Studios and apartments for 2-4 people will be rented out. Each of the residential units will be equipped with separate rooms, bathrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. Residents will also have access to the entire infrastructure of the building, including a gym, swimming pool, and recreation areas.

The estimated cost of renting an apartment in this project per month will cost 500-700 euros.

The practice of building projects with microapartments is successful in the UK, the USA, Japan, Paris, and other countries. For example, in large cities of Japan, not only mini-apartments are common but also capsule hotels, where not everyone can afford to stay. Or in Paris, even former closets quickly find its owners, because multi-room apartments are not affordable for homebuyers. 

Tricks in the design of a small apartment, which allow the owners to rationally organize the space, are more reminiscent of the peculiar “whims of millionaires” and are comparable in price to buying another apartment of the same kind.

Experts believe that these projects will be in high demand in Spain as well. The main target audience of such “colivings” are young people who are separated from their parents who work but do not have enough money to purchase their own homes, as well as employees of companies who do not want to spend a lot of time on the way to work.

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