The World’s Most Exclusive Summer Homes: Where to Find Them


Credit: Tomasz Marciniak via Pixabay 

Have you ever dreamed of living how the other half lives? Instead of taking a regular summer vacation, you want to rub elbows with the stars and lap up some luxury for a few months. You’ve worked hard all year, and you deserve to take the family somewhere unique.

Are you thinking about buying a summer home? You want to experience the beauty of nature and the leisurely lifestyle for longer than one trip — you want to go back and enjoy it each year.

Consider these exclusive places to find the summer home of your dreams.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Do you love the idea of wine, fresh pasta, cobble-stoned streets, and the most luscious green hills you’ve ever seen? Then, Italy’s Tuscan region is for you. Tuscany is centrally located in the country and is known for its breathtaking landscapes, unique history, and artistic legacy. You could find a farmhouse on the outskirts of Siena or a stunning village house in the region of Arezzo, where celebrities such as Sting have been known to dwell.

One of Tuscany’s selling points is that it’s very close to Italy’s Northern region, so you’d also have access to Italy’s beautiful lakes, such as Lake Como. And it’s also close enough to the south so that you could take a train ride into Rome for the weekend. But with acres of sunflower fields, stunning scenery, and delicious Tuscan cuisine to explore, you might never want to leave!

The Great White North

If you ask anyone worldwide what Canada is known for, chances are they’ll say: friendly people and beautiful natural wildlife. And it’s true — Canada has some of the friendliest people on the planet, and it’s full of sprawling lakes, forests, and wildlife of all sorts. During the summer, the country’s temperature heats up and is the perfect climate to enjoy an extended vacation at a summer home.

People from all over the globe — including Steven Spielberg, Goldie Hawn, and Tom Hanks — flock to Canada’s Muskoka region, located in Central Ontario. Not only is this area drop-dead beautiful, full of majestic lakes and rugged splendour, but it also offers top-of-the-line luxury. For example, you could buy a cottage in Lake of Bays Muskoka with elegant architecture and contemporary conveniences.

The cottages here come with incredible amenities such as two storey boathouses and wine cellars. You’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows to admire the beauty of your surroundings, and you’ll always be right on the water. It’s a gorgeous spot to escape to each summer because you can experience both luxury and privacy in one of the most stunning places on earth.

A Tropical Maldives Paradise

The Maldives is a collection of over 1000 islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s known for its emerald green waters and sandy white beaches. Do you love the slow pace of a tropical paradise? You wouldn’t be the only person to feel that way — Kim Kardashian notoriously visits the islands regularly! If you’re more of a relaxing by-the-pool type of person, then the Maldives is definitely a place to check out.

Make your dream come true and take the plunge. Talk to local real estate agents today and find your perfect international summer home!


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