How to Find an Apartment in Barcelona With Ease?



Spain has over 8,000 km of coastline. The nation is known for its beautiful sunny days. Barcelona has these two features, nice weather, and coastlines. Living in Barcelona is well sought after by many people, including foreigners. Indeed, the quality of life, plus the many companies headquartered in Barcelona, make it a dynamic and very attractive city. However, finding a good apartment in Barcelona can be a challenge. So, you would like to rent an apartment in Barcelona with ease? This guide is for you. Read on.

3 Tips for Finding a Luxurious Apartment in Barcelona 

Depending on the reason you are coming to Barcelona you might look for different type of apartment. But how do you find a good apartment here without stressing yourself? Consider the following.

Consider the time frame

Having a time frame you intend to stay is key. Are you planning on staying many years, or do you need an apartment monthly rentals in Barcelona?

If you are only staying for a few months, you should definitely look for a more luxurious monthly rental apartment or a serviced apartment. Indeed, most of the long term rental contract ask you indemnification if you don’t stay until the end of the contract. In this case, it can result much more expensive than renting an apartment for between one and eleven months. It goes without saying that it is better than paying for every night in a hotel.

Time frame is also important because depending on the season of the year, price can fluctuate a lot. In places like Barceloneta, during summer, prices will be very high compared to the average price if you start your rental contract in winter. Closer to universities, when new student intake is higher, paying a higher price is inevitably in September and January. Also, competition is high. The time frame is important. Put it into consideration.

Check out the apartment

This is important after finding an apartment via a real agent or apartment rental website. If the apartment meets your taste, ask for a 3D tour or go view it in person. When possible, the best is visiting a property in person. Sure, the videos and photos of an apartment are great. They give you the overall view/idea of such property.

Observe the state of electricity, heating, and water services. You don’t want to have issues with utility after you rent an apartment in Barcelona. Ask necessary questions. Check the state of the apartment well. In any case, the best you can do is to rent an apartment through trustworthy professionals who have high standards of quality and service. It might be a bit more expensive but you will avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises.

The rental contract should be formalized in writing 

You will avoid lots of issues when you request that the contract for an apartment in Barcelona should be in writing. Take this to heart. Here, every rule needed to be known will be clearly stated. You should be aware of the terms and conditions before paying for an apartment. If you rent your accommodation on a specialized website, things are much simpler. The contract should always be included in the terms and conditions. For this to be perfectly done, the contract is drawn by this professional. 

Best Places to Live in Barcelona 

There are several neighborhoods in Barcelona you will find a nice luxurious apartment. Every one of them has its own cost of living, amenities, and vibe. According to many expats, these locations are perfect if you want to rent an apartment in Barcelona for one month or more – El Born, el Example, Sagrada Familia, and Gràcia. Monthly rentals in Barcelona are quite affordable, depending on the area. If you stay less than one month, El Gotico, Sant Antoni, Barceloneta will be fine. You can check the best things to visits in Barcelona in these neighborhoods mentioned above.


The best way to find an apartment in Barcelona is to work with a professional real estate agency or specialized websites like Ukio, Idealista or AirBnb. Whether you need a luxurious apartment, a fully furnished apartment or a more temporary rental, don’t forget to consider the tips discussed in this article. They’ll guide you in closing a great deal.

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