El Campello: Property from Paradise


One of the most appealing holiday destinations among tourists is Alicante with its large airport, historical and architectural sights, and small cosy beaches. The popularity of this resort city significantly affects the value of the property there. Moreover, due to the seasonality, the city is either overcrowded or empty. As for immigrants, a lot of them are ready to accept all disadvantages of this place when searching for a good apartment. Others take some time to investigate neighbouring cities and often stumble across the magical property in El Campello.

Those who want to live in Spain should definitely consider El Campello. This town, with its excellent infrastructure, deserves special attention. According to the CEO Virto Property Sergey Sinyugin, property in El Campello is one of the best options for investment, even in a pandemic when coronavirus impacted the real estate market.

General Information

Sunbathers will be pleasantly surprised by 23 kilometres of top-quality beaches. El Campello is located close to Alicante (about 13 km). In the past, it was a village for farmers and fishermen. Now, this city has a population of more than 28,000 people. It is developing not only tourism but also many other types of economic activity, including construction.

For many, 28,000 is not a large figure, but it should be taken into account that the population increases by three times during the holiday season. Today, almost 18% of foreign nationals live in El Campello permanently. Most of them are EU citizens.

Real Estate Market

The number of residential premises is practically equal to the population of the city. Only 15.5% of them are private homes. Apartments are the absolute majority of the real estate market. A small percentage of premises is leased (6-7%).

El Campello is ranked fifth by the municipality for the number of new homes. Annual growth is 500 houses on average. At the same time, in 2020, we can see an even bigger trend and an increase. “Already in the first quarter, the number of new homes built is 41% more than in the fourth quarter of 2019,” informs the CEO Virto Property Sergey Sinyugin.

Those wishing to purchase a property can choose between apartments, bungalows and villas. A square meter is worth 2,200 euros on average.

Urban Centres

The city is geographically divided into three centres: Muchavista, the city centre and the northern part.

Muchavista pleases residents with multi-story buildings and the sea view. Those who value privacy can also find detached houses with a piece of private land. A square meter of housing is worth 2,300 euros. The area is suitable for both summer holidays and year-round living. Potential buyers should take into account that compared to last year, prices increased by 5%.

Old low-rise houses became the hallmark of the city centre. You can also find modern multi-story buildings, but they are located further away. In any case, because of the small distances, you can always walk on foot to the sea. There are practically no private houses in this area; the absolute majority is apartment complexes.

The average cost per 1 m2 is significantly lower. Near the beach, 1 m2 will be worth 1,850 euros, and even lower in the city itself – only 1,180 euros.

If you want to invest your money in a private house, then you need to pay attention to the northern part of the city. Almost all villas and bungalows have sea views due to the area’s landscape. A garden by the sea and absence of noise and fuss make for a great place to relax during the off-season. A square meter is worth 1,650 euros on average.

Buying houses in El Campello for private holidays and as an investment is a very profitable activity. During peak season, many tourists come to visit the city’s clean, beautiful beaches. However, after they leave, life does not stop. Instead, it becomes calm and measured. That is why El Campello receives more appreciation from foreigners than Alicante.

For Investors

It is quite common to rent an apartment with two or three bedrooms in the centre of El Campello for 65-130 euros, depending on the season. As a rule, they are rented by a group of 2-3 people, which turns out to be not as expensive for one person.

It’s worth mentioning that hotels in the city also have affordable prices. For example, in the 4-star La Familia Gallo Rojo hotel, which is located 500 meters from the seaside, the cost for a double room varies from 50 to 120 euros. The price depends on the season. The hotel has its own terrace, garden, outdoor pool, and even a gym. All this, if necessary, can be found in private homes.

El Campello offers many options to accommodate its guests. Tourists can always find apartments, houses and hotel rooms with a sea view for every taste and budget. Therefore, buying a home here not only improves the quality of life but is also an excellent investment.

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