6 Best Ontario Towns For Nature Lovers


Are you a free spirit searching for the best nature town to live in? We’ve got you covered.

Ontario has some of the best sceneries you’ll ever set your eyes on. We’re not kidding. The province even has some towns that were once voted “the prettiest in all of Canada.”

“We are not born into the world. We are born out of the world.”—Anonymous

We are part of nature. It’s only better if we live in areas that give us that warm fuzzy feeling in our chests. We’re talking about towns that make us feel one with nature.

Below are some of the best Ontario towns for nature lovers.

1. Sutton

Sutton is a town located just south of Lake Simcoe. It’s part of Ontario’s Georgina region, which is known for its stunning natural beauty.

Residents enjoy the lake along with expansive forests and farmlands.

Homes are also much cheaper in Sutton than elsewhere throughout the GTA, making it a popular destination for new buyers.

See this page for more information about homes in Sutton.

2. Collingwood

Collingwood has slowly climbed the ranks and is now among the best outdoor towns in all of Canada. As of right now, it even threatens some of the popular tourist hotspots in British Columbia.

Collingwood is a four-season destination that offers plenty of activities to keep one excited all year round

During Spring, you can go on bike riding adventures on the town’s massive trails.

Have you ever heard of the Kolapore Uplands? It’s an impressively long trial of up to 50 kilometers of singletrack. While you are it, you might as well visit the Blue Mountain Resort. They offer plenty of fun activities like the weekly bike race series.

During the hot Summers, you can spend your afternoons on the shores of Wasaga Beach. It’s also the longest freshwater beach in the whole world. In addition to Wasaga Beach, you’ll also have access to the famous Beaver River. It’s perfect for downriver canoeing.

During Fall, there are plenty of rocky terrains to climb and get your hands dirty. You can choose to climb famous spots like the Lion’s Head and Old Baldy. When you get tired, feel free to camp at the Bruce National Park.

Finally, Winter is Collingwood’s specialty. We’d advise you to visit Blue Mountain. It’s the center of winter-life in Collingwood. You can climb the snowy terrains and enjoy some fun skiing on some of the best ski trails Ontario has to offer.

3. Barrie

Like Collingwood, Barrie is also an underdog nature town that has slowly proved its worth over the years. Right now, almost all the nature lovers in big cities are migrating to Barrie because of its abundant outdoor life.

Barrie has enough park-space for everyone (250 hectares of parkland). That’s plenty of space for all your picnics. In addition to that, there is also the Barrie Waterfront Trail you can explore on your bike.

Do you prefer spending your time around water? There are plenty of skew clubs available in Barrie to educate you on the ways of boating.

Moreover, the winters are never lame because of the many ski resorts available in the town. In short, life is never boring in Barrie.

4. Thunderbay

Here is a fun fact to get you excited: Did you know that Thunderbay has more than 100 parks within the city?

Can you imagine that? With that many parks, you can go on countless adventures with your friends and family.

Hillcrest Park is the most popular park in Thunderbay. Sure, it’s small compared to the rest. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun and serene spot where you can sit back and relax after touring the city.

In addition to that, you also get a clear view of the Sleeping Giant and the entire ThunderBay city. Yes, there is an actual sleeping giant in ThunderBay.

Are you a big fan of waterfront parks? Yes? Then find the time and visit Marina Park. Unfortunately, you can’t swim in the Marina Park waters. Nevertheless, the park still offers an exquisite view. It’s the perfect place for water-featured picnics.

ThunderBay is also home to Mount Kay Park. It’s suitable for those who love taking their sights from high places. Yes, hiking is allowed on Mount Kay.

What difficulty is the hike? Well, it’s not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun experience and one that is begging to be put into your bucket list.

Those are just three out of the one hundred parks in ThunderBay. We haven’t even touched on major attractions like The Fort William Historical Park (The largest living historical attraction in North America).

5. Burlington

Burlington has some of the best outdoor trails you’ll ever set foot on. We’re talking about more than 20 hiking trails you can explore.

The best of the best is the Burlington Waterfront Trail that starts from Burlington to Stoney Creek.

It’s an all-year-round trail that is well maintained even during the snowy winters. As you proceed, you’ll also come across some breathtaking scenery. If you get tired, there are also plenty of parks around where you can sit and have a good time. They even have a children’s park.

While you are in Burlington, you should also visit Mount Nemo Conservation Area to experience Mount Nemo’s Loop. The Loop is a 5.3-kilometer trail you can explore with your kids and even your dog.

That’s not all. There are plenty of parks you can visit, hike, or camp as you connect with Mother Nature. Just like ThunderBay town, Burlington also has more than one hundred parks.

Burlington is also a great town for those who prefer spending most of their time outside their houses. Free festivals are a common occurrence in the city.

6. Goderich

There are rumors that Queen Elizabeth II once named the town “the prettiest town” in all of Canada. Some people claim the declaration was false since Queen Elizabeth II had never visited Goderich.

Whether or not the rumors are true, one can’t deny that Goderich town is indeed pretty. In addition to its natural beauty, Goderich also possesses some stunning historical architecture. Have you seen Goderich’s square? It’s just marvelous!

Goderich’s three beaches are among the best Ontario has to offer. The crystal blue waters and the grainy-sandy shores are sure to win anybody’s heart. The town also has several parks you can explore when you are tired of the indoors.

For us, the moderate population in the area is the best thing about Goderich town. It’s not too noisy, even on the busiest of days. You can comfortably sit outside and take in all the good stuff nature throws at you–You even can hear Mother Nature talking.

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