4 Tips For Choosing A Holiday Home In Spain



Are you a travel enthusiast who loves going on vacations? Do you frequently visit Spain as one of your travel destinations? If yes, you should consider owning a holiday home in Spain. It’ll save you time and money since you don’t have to look for accommodation every time you visit.  However, one question arises. How will you find the right holiday home? This article will give helpful tips when selecting a holiday home in Spain.

1. Get Your Finances In Order

Choosing a holiday home is no easy feat. Acquiring property requires a large sum of money, and having your own holiday home is no exception. Therefore, if you want to acquire a property, it is best to secure the right amount of funds. Meanwhile, if you prefer a mortgage, you can check how much loan you can apply for to set your finances in order. 

To do this, visit your bank and inquire how much funds you can withdraw from your saving to pay for the property in full cash. In addition, since banks offer property loans, you can ask if you are qualified to apply for credit. 

In some cases, the amount you can borrow is determined by your credit score. Therefore, if the loan you are qualified for isn’t enough to pay for your chosen holiday home, consider increasing your credit score. Doing so gives you a better chance to qualify for a bigger loan.  

Lastly, consider mortgage payment terms. You can ask the mortgage lender how much you will pay each month after placing a down payment or use a Spanish mortgage calculator to determine the exact figures.

Although there are many funding options you can choose from, it is always important to remember that you can’t spend beyond your means. So, choose a cost-effective holiday home. 

2. Look At Property Listings

Looking for a property that suits your preference may require time and effort. That is why it is necessary to have a systematic plan to avoid the common mistake of going from one site tour to another. Note that today, you can find almost everything on the internet, even property listings. You can search for holiday homes for sale in Spain and make your list of properties that fit your preference and budget. 

However, not all property listings will be available, so it is best to work with a Spain-based real estate agent to help you find available properties you can purchase or loan. Real estate agents have all the resources since they can access all property listings, even those not posted on the internet. In addition, they have connections with other agents that could provide you with a list of the available options. 

Looking into property listings will make choosing a holiday home faster and more convenient.

3. Consider The Location

The location of your holiday home in Spain determines how comfortable you’ll be during your stay. Thus, there are two aspects to consider. 

The first one is security. Choose a holiday home in a location less prone to theft and vandalism to guarantee your safety. It is also for the safety of your home and household items whenever you are not there. You don’t want to lose your investments, so it is best to find a property somewhere with excellent security measures.

Next, choose a holiday home close to social amenities like malls, hospitals, and entertainment spots. If you have to drive for hours to get to these amenities, it might not be the best property for you. So, when choosing a holiday home, check if it is safe and comfortable. 

4. Create A Checklist

A holiday home is where you spend time relaxing, away from all hustle and bustle of the city and work. Thus, a home that meets your needs is best for you. However, when selecting a property, you might overlook some factors that could make a house comfortable. Thus, creating a checklist will be a good method to be systematic and logical. 

The checklist can be categorised into must-haves and negotiable (wants and luxuries) features. As the name suggests, must-haves are those the holiday home has to have. These features include a swimming pool, gym, a specific number of bedrooms, balconies, sea view, etc. The negotiables are those that aren’t vital, but having them would be a plus.

As you go through the property listing you found, vet each property against your checklist. Your ideal holiday home should have all the must-haves. If you find a space that meets all your needs, including wants and luxuries, you may secure that property as soon as possible. 

In addition, the checklist will help you filter options quickly, which is one of the challenges when buying real estate property.

Point To Note

The process of acquiring property differs from state to state. Therefore, find out what applies in Spain to avoid hiccups in the process. You can get this information from the property laws in Spain. 


A holiday home tends to be a dream for most travel enthusiasts. It’s calming to know there’s always a place somewhere you can go to relax and unwind without spending thousands of dollars on hotel and other temporary accommodations. 

The discussion above mentions the importance of meeting all your needs at this holiday home. It has also taken a step further to give tips to ensure your chosen home meets all your needs. Therefore, it’s best to consider these tips during your search.

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