Ziggurat Dubai to be Carbon Neutral

  • 16 years ago
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Dubai’s latest grand plan for new buildings and developments is an entire city in the shape of a pyramid that will be eco-friendly. The Ziggurat is being developed by Timelinks, a Dubai based environmental design company, and is named after the ancient Mesopotamian temple shaped like a pyramid. The city is being exhibited at Cityscape Dubai from 6 – 9 October at the Dubai International Exhibition Center.
The concept is aimed at creating both a better quality of life for residents and reducing the carbon emissions of cities. The pyramid covers a total area of 2.3 square kilometers and takes up less than 10% of the land for a similar sized city. Transport throughout the unique city would be connected both vertically and horizontally, keeping cars out and commuting times to a minimum.
Ridas Matonis, managing director of Timelinks, said: “Industrialized cities are now pumping out billions of tons of CO2 into the environment. The Ziggurat project employs a car-less environment with a transport system that is powered by energy generated by solar, wind and steam. We estimate that carbon emissions within the city could be significantly reduced by 90 percent.”

 “With the close proximity of hospitals, schools, workplaces and leisure amenities contained within the Ziggurat, less stress is placed upon commuting. The three-dimensional shape of the project opens up the surrounding landscape for agriculture, pastures and natural forestry,” Matonis said.

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