Young at heart active retirees living for much longer and need bigger pension pots

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changes in life expectancy are playing a major part here: – in
1950 the average man spent 18% of his life in
retirement, today it is 33% and many of those years will be spent in ‘active
retirement’ – unrecognizable to our parents and certainly grandparents. In
fact, the very meaning of the word ‘retirement’ is changing in the minds of
people – increasingly this means ‘not working (or only working part-time –
because you choose to), enjoying a full and active life of travel, sports,
increased time with friends and family’. Perhaps needless to say, but this
extra time requires a larger pension to fund – one with greater certainty too.

And yet, 800,000 ‘baby boomers’ (born in the years
just after WWII), will pass the age of 65 by the end of 2012 – putting massive
further pressure on the state funded pension scheme. The number of Britons over
65 will then rise from 17% to 23% in the next 23 years to 2034. Both ’30 and 40
something’s need to be aware that fundamental changes are coming in how
pensions are provisioned – both through state enforced changes and private
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