World’s greatest real estate seminar announced

A conference open to overseas property investors has been announced, with the organisers claiming it is the “world’s greatest real estate seminar”.

The event will take place in Dallas, Texas in the USA between July 21st and 23rd and will feature a panel of experienced investors who intend to reveal their strategies on the best ways to “get rich in real estate”.

Much of the information available about US property investment is unreliable and confusing, according to one real estate millionaire, who says that it actually stops people from making money.

“I talk with people all over the country who are confused into inaction by all the bad advice they’re getting from supposed gurus,” said Jackie Lange, one member of the seminar’s panel.

“We’re going to spend three days giving people exactly the information and help they need to start making good money immediately in real estate investing.”

Organisers of the event claim that their advice will offer a proven method to start investing without money and to receive a large payout within one month.

Those interested in investing in overseas property can find further information at <A href=””></A>

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