World Expo Ends in Zaragoza Spain

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The 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza was brought to an end by Spain’s Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia on September 14. The expo was visited by six million people over three months. Fireworks lit up the night sky over the 25-hectare (62-acre) grounds of the fair, whose theme was “Water and Sustainable Development”, after the king officially declared the event closed.
Unlike previous host Sevilla, which simply walked away from the 1992 Expo grounds, the city of Zaragoza plans to transform the fair grounds into one of Europe’s most modern business parks. Reconstruction on the grounds is set to begin in early 2009 and completed by the end of the following year. The Education Ministry and a local university are among those who will take over some of the existing buildings. A climate change research institute will be housed in what was Spain’s pavilion at the Expo, it was recently announced.
Zaragoza wants to make the Ebro River, along which the Expo was located, the city’s main street. A new 9km long green area will be created on each bank, from the Ronda Norte bridge to the Gallego estuary. It will make it possible to walk or cycle the banks of the Ebro through Zaragoza. A new dam will establish a sheet of water of the Ebro River three kilometers upstream until the International Exhibition site, allowing recreational sailing at any time of the year. It will also serve as a walkway for pedestrians and cyclists between both sides of the Ebro.
Visitors the Expo 2008 were able to tour some 140 pavilions housing exhibits from dozens of countries including China, Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, as well others representing regions and businesses. Visitors could also take in one of Europe’s largest freshwater aquariums; a 76-metre (250-foot) high glass “Water Tower” shaped like a drop of water. With the new changes set for the site, it is hoped that residents and tourists will be visiting the site for many years to come.
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