World Class Apartments Pride of Barbados

  • 14 years ago
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The Portico Apartments in Prospect Beach, Barbados have some of the most exclusive units in one of the most exclusive property markets anywhere. This distinctive apartment complex was recently awarded the Best International Apartment Complex by the International Property Awards.
Portico’s location along the serene west coast of Barbados is one of the most-desired in the Caribbean. The complex is situated overlooking the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The architectural design takes advantage of this ideal spot so that residents and visitors can enjoy the location from throughout the residences and property. The complex has ten apartment units that are each 3,500 square feet in size, and the Penthouses have an additional 1,500 square feet, and there are two units on each of the five floors.
All units have views of the water. Glass balustrades and large openings are used extensively so that residents may enjoy the view as much as possible. The portico which gives the complex its name has a five-story glazed wall the presents an awe-inspiring view, and there is also a glass bridge over a trickling pond.
Portico, Barbados is dedicated to the well-being of its residents and guests and has amazing amenities, including a 24-hour concierge service. This property’s concierge team is ready to handle all the needs that residents may have with personalized care and dedication. Some of the services they provide include dining reservations, private catering, special event planning, concert tickets, sporting reservations, charter boats and tours, travel planning, childcare and nanny services, spa services and much more. Whatever you may need, the Portico concierge will do their best to get it.
In addition to its exceptional services, Portico has a number of features that will entice any resident. These include an 80-foot long lap pool, private beach access, heated Jacuzzis on each terrace, private plunge pools, a gym and sauna, underground parking, 24 hour security and wireless internet.

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