Wokingham Berkshire Residents can now make their Homes Energy Efficient


Concerned about the rising energy costs, worry not; Wokingham Council has a solution

If you are looking for a place with more sustainable homes, Wokingham Borough should be first on your list. In the coming years, almost every home in Wokingham will be energy efficient while the residents will enjoy low energy bills. The Wokingham Council recently rolled out an initiative to encourage homeowners to adopt energy-efficient practices and systems.

Out of concern for the rising energy costs, the latest Wokingham News comes from the Borough Council. The Council is now offering grants of up to £10,000. Over 1300 residents have already benefited from the scheme, which has recorded an incredibly positive response. The scheme targets low-income earners with a household income of below £30,000. A second qualification is people living in homes with a current energy performance rating (EPC) of E, F, or G. Residents can find information on the Energy Advice websites on what improvements they can undertake to enhance energy efficiency.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Wokingham Council is committed to promoting energy efficiency as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and attain carbon neutrality by 2030. The use of inefficient energy in homes is a major source of carbon emission, accounting for 45% of the County’s total emissions. On the other hand, with the program, the residents stand to save up to 25% on energy bills.


Finchampstead Church

Other plans toward an energy-efficient city involve the ongoing regeneration plans whereby the Wokingham Borough Council is also developing eco-friendly homes 249 houses in Gorse Ride in Finchampstead.

More cities are gearing up to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability due to the increasing attention on climate change and its negative implications. The notions of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable homes have become pervasive in property development.

Today’s Market is Hot

Wokingham like many towns and cities in the UK is experiencing a lack of supply and high demand despite gloomy economic forecasts. Its certannly a buyers market and setting some challenges for the best estate agents in Wokingham

Christina Melling, CEO of Stipendium, said: “In today’s hot housing market, the process of submitting an offer is a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to overpay, but you also don’t want to lose out to a competitor. Understand your position, trust your agent and be prepared to walk away if the seller demands too much.

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